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Medicaid in Long Beach

Seniors often require many more medical services than younger generations. As people age, their bodies tend to age as well, needing more care and attention when problems arise. People with little money may find it difficult to pay for all of these new needs. Applying for Medicaid is sometimes the only option, as this insurance type provides Long Beach residents with coverage for medical procedures and doctor visits.

Who Qualifies for California Medicaid?

Specific requirements ensure only those in genuine need may receive Medicaid. People with a yearly income below $15,800 can apply in California. Seniors may only apply if they are at least 65 years of age. Citizens that are younger than this limit must wait until they meet all qualifications.

Who Provides Help With Applications and Claims?

Visit Covered California to apply for Medicaid online. The Medi-Cal application is self-explanatory with a step-by-step guide leading you through the questions. You must create an account first before being able to submit an application.

Some seniors struggle to fill out the information on their own. If this is the case for you, there are some resources in your area that will help. Multiple locations exist for Long Beach Health and Human Services. Try visiting the follow addresses to receive guidance on the application process:

1133 Rhea St, Long Beach; (562) 570-4400

2525 Grand Ave; (562) 570-4000

1150 E 4th St; (562) 570-3500

1301 W 12th St; (562) 570-4500

Many other walk-in centers provide enrollment assistance in Long Beach. They include:

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - 2201 E. Anaheim St., Suite 200; 562-433-2490

The Children’s Clinic Family Health Center at Cesar Chavez Elementary School - 730 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles; 844-822-4646

The Vasek Polak Children’s Clinic Family Health Center - 1057 Pine Avenue; 844-822-4646

Halili Hilltop Insurance Agency - 2725 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Suite 101, Signal Hill; 562-343-7301

What Services are Covered By California Medicaid?

California Medicaid covers basic health services. You can visit your doctor, stay in the hospital, receive prescription medication, and have lab work and x-rays done. Seniors in need of additional services also get what they need. These services typically include an extended stay in a hospice care facility or a short-term stay in a nursing home. Some providers may discuss adult day services or home health care needs with seniors that reside at home rather than in an assisted living community.

Who Offers Transportation to and from Appointments?

Numerous non-emergency medical transportation services exist in Long Beach. While some request out-of-pocket fees, others work with Medicaid to provide coverage. Companies like Ace Ambulette Transportation, Global Tran LLC, and Memorial Medical Transport are available options in the city. You can view a full list of choices to find the right one for you.

You can also contact your local Area on Aging to determine if additional transportation services are available. Call (800) 510-2020 to receive assistance from a representative. Your local option is the Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging.

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