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Long Beach Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

While retirement is considered an end to your working life and a time to sit back and relax, it’s also a brilliant opportunity to pursue your life’s interests, learn new things, and give back to the community.

A secure retirement is a time to broaden your horizons without worrying about paying the bills and office politics. Keep reading to learn about fantastic volunteer opportunities for Long Beach seniors.

Are You a Book Lover?

The Long Beach Public Library is always looking for volunteers to help them to serve the Long Beach community better.

Long Beach seniors can help the Library provide critical services to the community.

You can help seniors learn to use the computers and access the internet to send an email and perform online searches, read stories to children during story time, and learn how a library is managed as you organize reference materials.

Importantly, you’ll be a valuable member of the library staff who is helping to make the most of the limited funds available to keep it open.

The Schools Need Help

Volunteer at the Long Beach Unified School District and make a difference in a child’s life. The School needs volunteers to help with literacy programs, tutoring, and afterschool activities.

Cafeteria volunteers save the school district thousands of dollars while ensuring that the cash registers are manned, the kitchen is fully staffed and the cafeteria area is properly monitored during meal times.

Do You Love the Ocean?

The Aquarium of the Pacific needs enthusiastic volunteers to help them entertain and inform visitors. The Aquarium needs personable people to conduct daily tours of the facility and explaining the finer points of each display.

Learn while you help maintain the habitats and prepare food for exotic aquatic residents. Provide invaluable assistance in the gift shop and help raise funds so the Aquarium can continue to be a Long Beach treasure.

Work with Animals

Long Beach Animal Care Services needs volunteers to help take care of dozens of shelter animals as they wait to be adopted. You can help walk and socialize shelter dogs, see to the needs of the feline population, and learn the finer points of caring for more exotic animals.

The Shelter needs people to help with fundraising drives and deal with the public. You can help ensure that every shelter animal finds a good home.

Do You Enjoy Working With Plants?

The Los Angeles County Arboretum is a paradise for people interested in plants and gardening. The Arboretum is a fantastic place for botanically inclined seniors to pursue their passion to the fullest while helping to make it the most beautiful destination possible for plant lovers everywhere.

Many More Opportunities Are Available

This is only a small sample of the amazing opportunities available to Long Beach seniors. Make the most of your new found freedom in retirement to stretch your capabilities, give back to the community, and learn new skills. Make retirement the most enriching time of your life by volunteering.

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