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Long Beach Senior Services

Many seniors call Long Beach home and with good reason. Beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and plenty of activities make it an ideal place to retire. There are also many senior services that older adults can use to make their retirement years even more enjoyable. You can find fitness classes geared towards your age, social clubs to meet new friends, or even have meals delivered to your house and discounted transportation around town. No matter what you need you can find it in Long Beach, and you can start with this list of ten different services.

The Area Agency on Aging for Los Angeles County takes care of a lot of different senior services for Long Beach. They have a dietary support program as well as a supplemental nutrition assistance program which helps seniors find the best diet for their needs. Caregivers can find plenty of resources and support and the elderly can learn about programs to help their daily life.

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles also serves the Long Beach area and makes sure older adults have their needs met. They can help with meal delivery, financial assistance, in-home care, and direct seniors to other community programs that might serve them.

Jewish Family and Children Services also provides help to older adults. They can do an assessment of your needs and then help you find the care and support that best suits you. They also have financial assistance, counseling, money management, support groups, help for caregivers, and a Holocaust Survivor's program.

Long Beach Health Services takes care of senior’s physical well-being with educational classes and programs. They have a diabetes class to help you manage the disease as well as information about the flu and norovirus, public health nursing, immunizations, and homeless services.

The Long Beach Public Library has a few services that seniors can use. They have a collection of large print books that are easier to read as well as audiobooks and eBooks. They also have a variety of book clubs where you can discuss the books you’re reading and a Housebound Readers Service. You can have books and materials mailed to your house free of charge so you can read even if you can’t leave the house.

Long Beach Senior Center is a great place for seniors to go to meet with others their age and enhance their lives. There are senior fitness classes, game groups, social activities, health services, and educational opportunities. There is also a meal program for seniors that need a healthy meal during the day.

Long Beach Senior Programs operate throughout the various centers in the area. There are a lot of things going on every day in each of the six centers, so you can check the calendar to see what’s coming up next.

Meals on Wheels helps seniors who can’t leave their home get nutritious meals delivered right to their door. The cost is $8 per day for two meals, but there is also financial assistance for seniors who might not be able to afford it.

MemorialCare Health System Senior Plus Program gives seniors access to health education lectures, free transportation to medical facilities in the area, discounted rates at the café and gift shop, discounted exercise classes, and discounts on prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Vida Inc Senior Resource can help you learn more about your care options and find what works best for you, whether that’s in-home care or facility care. They have online resources as well as assessment tools to help you meet your needs.

Long Beach has more services than those listed here, so if you can’t find what you need, contact the Area Agency on Aging, and they can direct you where to go.

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