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Long Beach Senior Living

Even in sunny California, we all reach a time when it’s not feasible to continue living comfortably without some help. An essential fact of life is that increasing age brings decreasing abilities, and once easy chores become difficult, if not impossible. Whether it’s the gradual decline that accompanies aging, sudden illness, or injury, you will need someone to help you perform once routine jobs for you. Fortunately for Long Beach, California seniors there have many options for in-home and assisted living senior care to choose from. Decide what’s best for your situation from a range of senior chore services that can cook your meals, clean your home and even walk your dog for you. Find out what service providers can provide you with assistance in grooming or bathing at your home. If it becomes preferable, you have senior communities in Long Beach that will provide a convenient independent living through the spectrum of care all the way to nursing homes where you can live in dignity. Read further to find out some of the care options available to you in Long Beach.

The Cost of Senior Services in Long Beach

According to the Genworth survey of 2016 annual costs of care, California is slightly above the median level for the United States. The average annual cost for homemaker services will be about $53,000, and a home health aide will cost just north of that at approximately $55,000. The U.S. national average cost of a private room in a nursing home is $91,250, and in Long Beach, you’ll be paying $112,000 for the same accommodations. A semi-private room in Long Beach will cost about $92,000, though. If you would like adult day health care, you’ll be spending about $21,000 per year.

Long Beach, CA Senior Living Options

Demographically, the U.S. population is increasingly older. This increased average age has resulted in the growth of the senior care industry, providing a plethora of valuable services to the senior community. You’ll easily find services that range from home health assistance and independent concierge services all the way to full-service nursing homes where you can receive the care you need in a dignified and respectful environment. If you just need to socialize and get out of the house, you can start by finding a quality adult day program that will provide you with interesting activities and good company.

Long Beach In-Home and Community Services

There are many services available that will allow you to comfortably stay in your home and keep a good quality of life and satisfying level of independence. Utilize homemaker services like those provided by Everlasting Home Care. You’ll receive housekeeping services such as cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping. Homemaker service can even include help with bathing and grooming for seniors who are having difficulty doing so for themselves. Long Beach seniors can take advantage of concierge services like Rover, Porch, TaskRabbit, and Amazon's Home Services to get help performing many chores and tasks. Join in community activities with an adult day programs in Long Beach. Enjoy your weekdays socializing with your peers and indulging in fun activities. There are quality day programs available for seniors suffering from cognitive deficits that will provide an environment conducive to mental stimulation and comfortable routines to create a sense of stability.

How to research In-Home and Community Services in Long Beach

Before deciding which in-home or community service is right for you, you need to do some investigating. Here are some important questions you’ll want to ask, but this list is far from comprehensive: If the service provider requires a license or permit to operate in your state, do they have one, and is it valid? Does your service in-home or community service provider have the necessary insurance, or bonding to operate their service? What happens if the person tasked with helping you doesn’t show up for whatever reason, will a substitute be provided? If the community service location is beyond walking distance, do they provide transportation? Of course, you’ll have to think of other questions that are specific to your situation. The idea is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best choices for you.

Will You Choose an Assisted Living Community or Nursing Home Care?

Some seniors prefer to live in a retirement community, and some seniors need to live in an assisted living situation. Long Beach seniors have choices that range from the resort or hotel-style living to full-service nursing homes. If you don’t look forward to having to move from your retirement community because you require services that they no longer provide, you could look into a community that provides a continuum of care. In a facility that provides a continuum of care, you can start out with an independent living situation and as you need them, rely on more advanced senior care services as your health changes.

Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Senior Living Community

Here are some basic questions you should ask the different communities you will choose from in Long Beach: The most important one is: do they offer a continuum of care? The next most important question is: what services are included in your monthly payment? Find out what extra services are available to you at added cost. Ask what meals are included and the days and times the meals are served.

How to Pay For Senior Community Living and Services

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are not cheap by any standard; how will you finance the care you want? Your home is usually the most valuable asset you own, consider selling or renting it out for the necessary assets. The sale of a home can finance a good percentage of the cost, while Social Security and pension money can cover the rest. Consider whether a reverse mortgage is a good option, or using your home as a vacation rental for Long Beach tourists.

Long Beach California Senior Living

As one of the more popular California destinations, Long Beach has a lot to offer seniors. Check out for information specific to Long Beach seniors about what’s available. If you found this guide informative, and want to investigate further, please check out our guides to Long Beach senior living, neighborhoods, and resources for more detailed information.

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