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Long Beach Respite Care and Adult Day Care

It can feel a bit overwhelming ensuring your family member has the care they need when you are their primary caregiver. Fortunately, respite care and adult day care programs can be a big help when you have a day job and need someone to care for your relative. In addition to offering supervision and care for older adults who cannot be left alone, they give caregivers a break along with peace of mind that their family member is well taken care of. Long Beach has several great adult day care centers and resources to ensure you pick the right place.

Adult Day Care: What Is It Like?

What goes on at daycare for adults? First of all, adult day care is usually offered in senior centers, senior living communities, hospitals, and other appropriate settings. They typically run five days a week, Monday through Friday (though, they close on holidays), and care is available during standard work hours. You may be able to find some facilities that offer extended hours or that are open during the weekend, but this is rare.

Nursing staff members will oversee all retirees to make certain their health needs are met. This includes making sure medications are passed out on schedule, vital signs are taken and other medical issues are checked on, and keeping participants hydrated. There are also centers out there that focus on helping seniors with specific conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or dementia.

When you choose licensed programs, you can expect to get nutritious and hot lunches and possibly breakfast and snacks. During the day, older adults can also enjoy a broad range of activities. Some of the group activities include classes, arts and crafts, and games. There are also field trips to local attractions as well as scheduled entertainment from local groups. All licensing and certification for adult day care in the state are handled by the California Department of Public Health.

Where Is Care Found in Long Beach?

Adult day care programs that will meet your needs can be found in many places near Long Beach. For easy pickup and drop off, begin your search for places that are near your workplace or home. The following may be good options:

Sage House situated in nearby San Pedro


Salida Del Sol Adult Day Health Care Center located in Long Beach’s Lindbergh neighborhood


F & F Adult Day Care Center in the South Wrigley part of town


Long Beach Adult Day Health Care Center found in the Franklin School neighborhood


Brighter Outlook located on the North End

How Expensive Is Care and How Can You Pay for It?

In the Greater Los Angeles Area, adult day care has a median cost of $73 per day. This is less than the daily rate for a home health aide or assisted living. Additionally, you may not want respite care every day. You should check to see if your VA benefits or Medicaid will help cover your care costs. If the care is needed for cognitive or medical reasons, long-term care insurance may cover the expense.

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