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Long Beach Rehab Centers

Long Beach offers rehab centers that focus on physical, speech, and occupational therapy. You get to work in close collaboration with a certified therapist who understands the healing process and can best help you manage your pain. The goal is to find a therapist and center you trust the most. Consider the qualifications of a facility and determine which one in the area is right for you.

Services Needed for Certain Care Plans

Not all care plans get made the same. Some offer physical therapy elements with an occupational therapy focus, while others are solely about speech. Your therapist will perform an assessment to determine what your most concerning areas are and come up with a plan to combat those problems. The services you receive during those sessions depend heavily on the results of your initial assessment.

Choosing a Rehab Facility in Long Beach

Numerous rehab facilities exist in Long Beach to provide you with the therapy you need. Bixby Knolls Towers is a well-rated option in the area. Others recommend it based on the communicative staff, extensive care, and beauty of the surroundings. Bixby Knolls earned its Medicare and Medicaid certifications, meaning anyone with these insurance options can receive services.

Palmcrest Grand provides another option. Also a highly-rated choice, Palmcrest focuses on physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Your therapist works with you one-on-one to ensure the best results.

For other recommendations, speak to your family and friends. You want to find out if anyone you know has had bad or good experiences at the facilities in Long Beach. You might just find the perfect place based on their suggestion.

The Right Qualifications

Not all facilities have the right qualifications. Search for a center with a clean atmosphere that looks well-maintained. A dirty environment is entirely unhealthy. You also want an establishment with friendly and courteous staff who will treat you kindly, and not an understaffed group that has no time to answer your questions. If you are paying with Medicare, you need to choose a Medicare-certified business as well. Not all of them can accept this form of payment.

Affording Rehab Care

You can pay for rehab care yourself or use your insurance policy to cover it. It can get costly paying out of pocket, especially the worse your injuries are and the more therapy you need. Medicare Part A handles rehabilitation costs for long-term care. You have to meet a few qualifications before they pay, though, including:

A three-day stay in a hospital.

Consent from your physician.

Choosing a Medicare-certified facility.

Having benefits left on your Part A coverage.

As long as you follow these requirements, there should be no reason why your Medicare insurance wouldn’t pay for your services. If you do not meet the requirements, you should look into Medicaid as an alternative. You can also speak with a private health insurance agency to determine if you can obtain coverage through them. They may have long-term health care options that include rehabilitative services.

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