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Long Beach Low-Income Senior Housing

Living in California is expensive, and this is no surprise. However, rental and housing rates continue to rise while some seniors’ incomes do not, which makes it hard for some low-income seniors to afford to live in Long Beach. There is housing aid available through the government and nonprofit agencies to assist these seniors. Even if these seniors feel they don’t qualify, everyone should still contact these agencies with any financial hardship as he or she could qualify for assistance.

What is the definition of low-income?

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department determines requirements for eligibility based on median income of the state and county. In 2015, HUD labeled “very low income” for a one-person household in California as $24,400. To be eligible for Section 8 housing, a person’s income needs to be below 50 percent of the area’s median income.

Fast facts about low-income seniors in California

There are approximately 492,000 families in California that use federal renting assistance to rent modest housing.

Of these families, seniors account for 39 percent who receive federal housing assistance.

In the United States, approximately 9.6 million adults over the age of 50 spend half of their income to pay for housing alone, creating a financial hardship to pay for food, health care, and even being able to save.

Finding low-income housing in Long Beach

The Long Beach Housing Authority administers the city’s rental housing assistance program. However, the waitlist is currently closed, so let’s take a look at some other housing options.

The California Department of Housing and Community offers low-income housing for seniors. You can search by county to find affordable housing. The listing provides contact information and states if it is for seniors, so you can reach out to the communities directly to inquire about the vacancy and the requirements for low-income assistance. There are 25 communities in Long Beach that are available to seniors including 814 Atlantic Avenue Apartments, Elm Avenue Apartments, Grisham Community Housing, Lois Apartments, and Puerto del Sol Apartments.

There are other non-profit agencies in Long Beach that will assist with affordable senior housing. These include a listing of affordable housing resources from the Long Beach Housing Authority, and the list divides these housing options into the type to help you find ones that are available to seniors.

If you would like to see additional options, check out to search for apartments in Long Beach. You can search by rental rates to help find places you can afford.

Additional help in Long Beach

For public housing assistance, residents can contact the Long Beach Housing Authority. Along with housing, the Long Beach Community Action Partnership assists with other services including energy assistance. The Unity of Life Foundation provides interest-free loans to help pay for rental expenses, social services, and other services.

Housing and Community development offer more than 20 programs that give loans and grants for home assistance in the areas of construction, rehabilitation, transitional housing, and more.

HUD created an approved listing of agencies that can assist with various housing issues such as rentals, fair housing, and financing. In Long Beach, Fair Housing Foundation, Home Preservation and Prevent, and Operation Hope Inc. are on this list.

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