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Long Beach In-Home Care

Seniors have a lot of choices to make as they enter retirement and long-term care is one of the most important. Facility care and in-home care are the two main options, and more seniors are opting to use in-home care services. One of the main reasons is the cost of in-home services is less expensive than facility care. In Long Beach, the daily average for in-home care is about $141 per day while a nursing home can average between $228 to $296 per day. These services also give seniors the chance to stay in their homes longer and be surrounded by a familiar environment.

If you’re trying to decide if in-home care is the best option for you, this guide can help you learn a little more about these services. There are different ways you can utilize in-home care, and it can be totally customized to your needs. Learn about services, see what you should look for, and find out how to cover the cost of care.

Long Beach In-Home Care Agencies

There are a few in-home care agencies in the Long Beach area, and the primary goal of these providers is to give you a caregiver that will suit your needs best. In-home care is broken down into two types of care, personal care and home health aides and many providers offer both services.

Personal care is often called a homemaker or companion, and they help you with your house and daily chores. They can clean, prepare meals, run errands, take you to appointments, and even provide you with company. Home health aides focus on your medical and health needs by reminding you to take your medication, get you in and out of your wheelchair, check your vital signs, and even care for you after a major surgery or long illness.

You should expect the best from your care provider because they will oversee your well-being. allows clients and family members to write reviews of local care agencies and we looked through a few to see what is most important to seniors.

Caregivers that are on-time. Some seniors can’t be without care, and if they don’t have family members with them and rely wholly on a caregiver, it’s important that person is on time. This quality was typical praise for agencies like Accent Care. One client wrote, “They’re friendly and on time.”

The ability to find the right caregiver. A bonus of using an agency is access to a variety of caregivers. Each caregiver has a set of strengths, and it might take some time to find the right one for you, but a good agency will be willing to do that work. “We have had a wide range of knowledge and ability in caregivers. Once we found a compatible caregiver, she has been very consistent. Overall, they have done a really good job. The owner was very approachable and on top of things” a client of BlueSea Care Services wrote.

Caring and attentive management. Excellent communication and quick action are crucial when it comes to care providers and customers appreciate the thoughtful qualities in BlueSea Care Services. The child of a client said, “The manager was great and was out interviewing my mother-in-law quickly. She is very personable quick to assess needs.”

Scheduling In-Home Care According To Your Needs

Often, seniors that get care from a nursing home or assisted living facility have to stick to the care schedule of the establishment. In-home care allows you to build a plan and schedule based on your needs, so, if you only need care for one day a week, you can make it happen. You can also have full-time care or arrange for respite care if your regular caregiver is on vacation or has an emergency and can’t come. Many agencies also offer a last-minute scheduling policy that means you can call in and arrange for a caregiver even if you weren’t scheduled to have one. Never be afraid to ask if you find yourself without care because they might be able to help.

Arranging In-Home Care

There is no one way to find in-home care and because your needs are unique to you, so how should you find your caregiver. It’s smart to know all the options, so you never worry about finding care, and you’ll never be without the assistance you need.

Hiring your own caregiver is the best choice if you have a family member that has been providing their services. You can pay them for their work, and you get total control over who takes care of you. You will be in charge of the interview process, hiring someone, payroll, insurance, and taxes. If you think you can handle everything on your own, go ahead and take care of it.

Many seniors choose to use both their own caregiver and agency hired caregivers to cover all their bases. You can use your personal caregiver most of the time, but if they need a break or have an appointment, you can use an agency to cover your care for that time. Using both options helps avoid caregiver burnout for your regular caregiver and ensures you have help when you need it.

Online shopping and concierge services can also help seniors who want to stay at home. Services like TaskRabbit provide you with local people that will help you take care of tasks like grocery shopping, house cleaning, or other errands and Rover will find you a dog walker or pet sitter that fits your budget. You can even get items that you forgot to pick up delivered right to your door through Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now.

Before you use any of these options, do your research. Talk with friends, relatives, and your doctor to get some of their suggestions. You can also search for local businesses on the BBB of Los Angeles and read reviews of their services.

Paying For In-Home Care In Long Beach

Medicare can cover costs for seniors that meet their requirements such as a doctor stating they are homebound and need skilled nursing or therapy. This option will limit you to agencies that are Medicare approved so make sure there are some in your neighborhood.

There are also ways to pay for it with your own money like a long-term insurance policy or a reverse mortgage. If you decide to go with a reverse mortgage, please meet with an HUD-certified counselor, so you understand all the risks with this option.

Medicaid can help low-income seniors pay for in-home care, and VA bills can help veterans or their widows get the care they need. Long Beach also has some services for seniors that can be helpful for transportation services and meal delivery.

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