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Long Beach Family Caregiver Benefits    

You need help to be a caregiver including medical assistance, social support, and respite care.  You can find several programs through national and local government, non-profit organizations, medical institutions, and other entities. The population is aging quickly with the Baby Boomer population, and there are more programs to help.  Here are some resources for you right in Long Beach.

California Southland Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association provides support programs for people with Alzheimer’s, caregivers, and others touched by the disease.  In addition, they provide education, fundraising and awareness programs, Helpline for questions, and community resources.

Family caregiver support groups meet regularly to offer support to one another, give each other ideas, and to lend an ear for encouragement.  There is also a monthly caregiver telephone support group if you have a hard time making meetings.

The Alzheimer’s Association a variety of educational programs to help support the community and those dealing with Alzheimer’s.  They offer a variety of workshops both online and in-person training sessions led by a trained professional.

There are services to help individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. MedicAlert+Safe Return is a 24-hour national emergency response to assist those with memory loss who have wandered or facing a medical emergency.  The Community Resource Finder is an updated list of programs available in the area including home care, adult day care, attorneys, and transportation services.  For those interested in clinical trials, there is a national index for you to search for local trials.

The Alzheimer’s Association Helpline is available 24/7 and also can assist with more than 200 languages.  The trained staff are knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s disease and can help you with questions about caregiving tips, respite care, services in your area, medications, and treatment options for Alzheimer’s. Call 1.800.272.3900 to get the emotional support you need.

You can join an online community at to talk to caregivers all over the US to share stories and learn from one another.

Los Angeles County Department of Aging

The Los Angeles County Department of Aging and Community Services offers family caregiver support.  Information services provide public and community education on caregiving.  Support services include caregiver counseling, training, case management service, and assessments.  Respite care is also available through a variety of programs and options. In addition to these services, there are additional assistance programs including meal delivery, registry, home adaptations, and medical devices.  For more information on these services, call 1.800.510.2020.

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

In addition to supporting and offering benefits to veterans, the VA also provides numerous services for caregivers of veterans, including:

Caregiver Support Line for quick assistance

Caregiver Support Coordinator to assist with all your needs

Adult Day Care Centers for a safe environment

Peer Support through connection with other caregivers

Home-Based Primary Care for routine health care

Homemaker and Home Health Aides to help with care

Home Telehealth to discuss medical options with a care coordinator

Respite Care Options

Home Hospice Care

Call the VA’s Caregiver Support Line at 1.855.260.3274 to learn more about these benefits.

Family Caregiver Alliance

The Family Caregiver Alliance provides an online Navigator to help families find public, private and nonprofit programs for their loved ones. They also offer a variety of education programs.

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