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Long Beach Assisted Living

Moving from your old family home into an assisted living situation is a big step in the life of any senior. Anyone considering such a big move is going to have a lot of questions and concerns that need to be addressed. What can I expect to find in an assisted living facility? How will I pay for my senior community accommodation? Is there an assisted living community that will fit my lifestyle and personal preferences? What services and amenities can I expect to have provided for my monthly payment? Will transportation be provided so that I can get to appointments, shopping, and entertainment? Are there activities, day-trips, and special events scheduled to make daily life more interesting? These are just a few of the major concerns most seniors will have when considering the move into a 55+ community. You will have concerns particular to your personal situation as well. Luckily Long Beach seniors have access to many wonderful options in senior living. Continue reading to find answers to some of your questions and become familiar with some facts about senior community living in Long Beach.

The Cost of Long Beach Assisted Living

Long Beach, California is slightly above the median cost of senior care in the United States. An assisted living facility in the Long Beach area will cost roughly $4000 per month, versus the national average cost of $3600. This figure means that half of assisted living facilities in Long Beach will be above, or below that number. Depending on the location, services provided, and amenities offered, the price can vary a great deal. There are senior communities like Vista Del Mar listed on SeniorAdvisor that will offer you beautiful community and outdoor spaces. You can choose a facility such as Hacienda Grande where you’ll enjoy a varied menu, libraries, and a wonderful patio area. Long Beach seniors have many options to satisfy many preferences.

What You Can Look Forward to in Long Beach Assisted Living

Long Beach, California has an assisted living community for many lifestyles; is keeping your pet with you important? Take a look at The Palms, where pets are gladly welcomed. If a variety of activities and day-trips is your thing, you’ll easily find a senior community that offers what you like such as Vivante in Long Beach. You can easily find a range of communities and service options. This includes faith-based facilities, minimalist, hotel-style senior communities with basic housekeeping and meals provided, or a continuum of care communities that will accommodate your changing levels of independence.

Finding an Assisted Living Community in Long Beach

The most challenging part about finding a 55+ community in Long Beach is picking from the dozens of options available in the area. First establish exactly what you want in a senior community, the area it should be located in, and what level of care you require. Now, make a list of the likeliest possibilities. It’s preferable to start by asking anyone you know who has experience with senior care in general, and the senior community you’re considering in particular. You’ll quickly get an “insider’s” point of view on what to look out for and which communities are known for high-quality care (and which aren’t). Take your new found knowledge and start online searches to read reviews and find the best-rated choices in your price range. Try to find a good, local senior advisor who can help you navigate the selection of communities by your preferences and requirements. Assemble a list of important questions, and bring it with you when you visit each senior assisted living facility. You should make sure your questions are answered, and your concerns addressed fully at each senior community. Here are some good “starter” questions: Is transportation provided? What services are included in your monthly rent? Is in-room service provided? Are there any “extras” that have to be paid for separately?

Financing Your Assisted Living in Long Beach

There’s no getting around it; paying for senior care on a fixed income can be challenging for many seniors. With a little planning and forethought, there are ways to ensure a comfortable, long-term residence in the senior community of your choice. If you own a home, there are some good options to use your property to finance senior care. Of course, you can sell your home and use the proceeds to pay for years worth of care. If you don’t want to sell your home, or would like to pass it on to your heirs, consider renting it as a residence or vacation home. If you don’t mind the challenges of being a landlord, this could be a way to realize a stable monthly income for care. You can also look into a reverse mortgage. You’ll receive a stable monthly income, but without the worries of keeping a tenant in your home. If you’re a low-income senior, Medicaid may provide a way to finance your senior care community needs. Visit your state Medicaid website to check eligibility, or to apply for benefits. If you’re a low-income senior who is a veteran, and who has served in wartime, you may be eligible for VA Aid & Attendance pension to help pay for senior care. Visit the VA regional office and see if you qualify. If you’ve thought ahead, and have long-term care insurance, get that policy out and study it. You have to know exactly what it will cover; some long-term care policies can be limited regarding what will be paid for. Please consider speaking to a financial planner, accountant or other professional before making any important financial decisions to provide for your assisted living residence.

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If you found this article informative, consider checking out SeniorAdvisor and finding out more detailed information on many topics of interest to Long Beach seniors. At SeniorAdvisor, you’ll find great guides to a host of senior-related activities, services, neighborhoods, and care.

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