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Long Beach Alzheimer’s Care

Reducing stress and limiting confusion is the primary goal of most memory care facilities and home health aides. Alzheimer’s patients have a hard time as it is handling daily tasks and chores, without having to add the extra stress and tension that comes with residing in a less than friendly atmosphere. Alzheimer’s care in Long Beach requires a gentle touch to ensure patients are taken care of appropriately.

Alzheimer’s in Long Beach - Facts About the Disease in the City

California has one of the highest number of people with Alzheimer’s, totaling in at 610,000.

There has been a 169% percent increase in Alzheimer’s-related deaths since 2000.

11,891 people died from Alzheimer’s in California in 2013 alone. The number increases each year.

Medicaid spent more than $3 million covering the costs of Alzheimer’s care in one year.

More than one and a half million caregivers are found in the state of California.

Caregivers experience higher health costs of around $900,000,000 per year due to the stress caregiving causes.

By 2030, it is expected that more than 1 million individuals will be living with Alzheimer’s in California.

Roughly one-tenth of the total number of Alzheimer’s patients from the U.S. live in California.

Alzheimer’s Care Work in Long Beach?

Alzheimer’s care in Long Beach works in a variety of ways, depending on where the care is being handled. Facilities are very different from adult day care centers, and centers provide different care than a home health aide. No matter which care option is chosen though, there is always support and encouragement at the core of the program.

Maintaining the individual’s daily routine is the main goal for any of these choices. They want the patient to be as familiar as possible with their surroundings and keep the things they do on a daily basis the same. Changes can be hard for an Alzheimer’s patient, especially when they are experiencing a setback kind of day.

Support for daily tasks is also provided. This often includes assisting with mealtimes, bathing, and even getting dressed. Assistance with toileting may also be necessary for many instances. A plan will often be made for bladder control and bowel incontinence management.

Physical activity is also highly encouraged. Caregivers will work with the patients to ensure they are moving as often as possible. It is important to at least spend some time each day walking, completing sitting exercises, or even dancing if possible. These things all work to keep a person active and as fit as possible.

What is the Cost of Long Beach Care?

The state of California experiences higher costs of care than that of the rest of the United States. Alzheimer's can expect to pay more for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult day health care than in many other locations. The daily rate in areas like Long Beach reaches $285 on average for a private nursing home. This equates to over $100,000 for the entire year.

Semi-private nursing home rooms are slightly lower, with a daily average price of $245. Assisted living facilities are cheaper on average, as they are charged at a lower per-month rate rather than daily. This ends up costing only around $45,000 per year. This option is fine for those that are still able to handle many daily tasks on their own, but it does not work as well for those who require additional assistance.

Adult day health care rates are also more affordable. It costs around $77 per day for this option. This does not equate to medical care but is a way for seniors to gain some social interaction. There is also a member of staff who is able to handle basic nursing duties when necessary, which is a plus.

Paying for Alzheimer’s Care in the Area

Paying for Alzheimer’s care in the area seems impossible for some, as they do not have the money to handle the full expense. Those in this situation should look into all the ways to pay to ensure all possible discounts and deals are made to limit the final amount.

Insurance Options

The best bet for lowering payments is to look into insurance options. Medi-Cal is a program in the Long Beach area that helps residents find affordable health care coverage. It works with the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services to offer enrollment for uninsured families. In order to enroll for this service, there are a few important pieces of information required. This includes a photo I.D., birth certificate, social security card, pay stub or tax record, and proof of address from a utility bill. This allows the agency to determine true residency and identity, ensuring the application process goes smoothly.

Medicaid is a possible option that is available. This is for low-income seniors who require state aid to help them pay their medical bills. Only some facilities may accept Medicaid, so patients need to be aware of that detail. Not all facilities in the area will accept this type of insurance, meaning the payments would still be up to them if they chose to stay at a location that did not accept it.

Semi-Private Vs. Private

There is a major price difference between a semi-private room and private one. The private option is several thousand dollars more on average, but it provides privacy that many people desire. The semi-private options save a few thousand dollars, but it is not as private. There is a separate bedroom for each person, but the remainder of the suite is left open to both people. This means both have to share the space equally.

Privacy is a lot to give up, but it may be worth it to save money that could be spent on other items relating to memory care. Considering this aspect, as well as looking into medical insurance options, are the two key things needed to be done in order to afford Alzheimer’s care in Long Beach.

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