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Long Beach Aging In Place

Aging in place might sound a little silly, but the idea behind it is something most seniors want: the chance to stay in their home longer while getting the care they need. Just because your health is failing or you can’t get around as easily doesn’t mean you have to leave your home in Long Beach and move into a nursing home. Homemakers can help you manage your house by cooking, cleaning, and running errands while home health aides can help you manage your health by monitoring your vital signs, helping you get dressed, and reminding you to take your medication.

Will I Have To Pay For Everything?

Money is a big concern for seniors, and some worry that they won’t be able to afford the care they need and want. Paying for in-home care doesn’t always have to fall entirely on your shoulders, especially if your doctor recommends you get constant care to stay in your home. Veterans can also find financial help through their VA bill, and the Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging has a Supportive Services Program that helps qualified seniors pay for things like homemakers, personal care, in-home respite, and more.

What Will These Services Cost Me?

When looking at a total cost of in-home care, you need to look at a few different variables. First, your location will affect the price and how often you decide to use these services. The type of care you choose will also change the price. Right now, the national average for homemakers and home health aides is $3,800 per month.

Long Beach averages are higher than the national average and homemakers cost around $4,315 per month, and home health aides cost around $4,290 per month. That breaks down into roughly $142 per day for these services. Remember you might not need services every day which could lower your price and the provider you choose might charge more or less than these averages.

How Do I Find A Provider In Long Beach?

You need to do a little research and not just pick the first provider you find. Talk with your doctor and see if they have any referrals or ask friends and relatives who have used these services before if they have any suggestions. The Better Business Bureau of Long Beach is another excellent resource because you can see how other customers liked each company. 

You should also come up with a list of questions to ask each potential provider. This includes finding out if they are insured and bonded as well as properly licensed. Ask about how they hire their employees and make sure they utilize some form of a background check. Be entirely clear on how they handle payments and when they schedule their clients, so you know how everything works before you decide to use their services.

Do I Have Other In-Home Care Options?

Of course! Homemakers and home health aides are certainly the most popular choice, but they are by no means the only choice. Think about your needs and decide what type of care will work best for you. Perhaps you don’t need full-time care, just a little help around the house. Concierge services are perfect for this and have grown a lot over the years.

If your dog needs a walk or you need a pet sitter, can help you out. Handy shows you house cleaners in your neighborhood, and if you have other chores or errands, you can use Favor or TaskRabbit to assist you. and Amazon Home Services can help with something as big as a home remodel to as small as mowing your lawn. No matter what you decide, make sure to check each service thoroughly before you use them.

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