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Long Beach 55+ Communities

Growing older comes with certain compensations; your children have moved out and started lives of their own, retirement means no more office politics or daily commute, and of course the joys of grandchildren. After a certain age, your time truly becomes your own.

For many seniors, the prospect of maintaining a large family home can be distasteful. The expensive maintenance, repairs, and assorted unexpected breakdowns are hard to justify when you don’t need all that space anymore.

The solution for many people is to move into a 55+ residential community. Also known as retirement centers and senior living communities, these places offer residents a wide range of services and amenities that will make your retirement years reasonably carefree.

Long Beach, California, is home to a wide selection of senior living communities where you can enjoy your golden years free of many routine chores and worries.

Vivante is a luxurious retirement community that offers residents an active, health-promoting lifestyle.  You’ll enjoy free chauffeured transportation to doctor’s appointments and shopping. All your utilities and community-wide WiFi are included in your rent.

The Palms is situated in a quiet suburban area with shopping, dining, entertainment, and medical facilities all within a few minutes of the community. The Palms offers three chef-prepared meals per day, housekeeping service and scheduled transportation for residents.

What Will a Retirement Community in Long Beach Cost?

You can bear in mind that retirement community accommodation will cost more than comparable residential rental units in the area. A one-bedroom apartment in Long Beach will cost $2200 per month on average, and a two-bedroom apartment will be about $2769.

Comparable space in a retirement community will cost between $3000 and $5000 per month. Rents in senior living residential communities will range widely depending on the services and amenities that each community offers residents.

How Can You Pay for 55+ Community Living in Long Beach?

Financing your retirement accommodations can seem daunting. The economy has had ups and downs over the last few decades that have negatively impacted many retirement nest eggs and pension plans. There are ways to ease the financial burden, though.

If you own your home, you can sell and use the proceeds to augment your retirement savings, social security benefits and any pension you might have. If you don’t mind the extra work and worry, you can rent your home and collect a monthly income that could cover the cost of your retirement accommodation.

Another good option would be to share the expense. Sharing an apartment with a roommate will go far toward reducing your expenses, and allow you live in a more luxurious residential community than you could have otherwise.

What Do You Want in a Long Beach 55+ Community?

Take some time before you begin your search for a senior living community. Consider carefully what you find important to your quality of life.

Start by looking up all the different amenities and services the various retirement communities offer, then make a list of the ones that would make your daily life fun and interesting. Next, consider things like nearness to family, whether they’ll accommodate a beloved pet, or if the area has shopping and entertainment within walking distance.

If you plan on traveling throughout your retirement years, you’ll want a secure place to receive mail and live comfortably in between journeys.

Retirees can enjoy a plethora of amenities in 55+ communities. Some senior communities will have luxurious facilities like indoor pools and state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Many senior communities will provide onsite barbering and beauty parlors, cozy onsite pubs, and even movie theaters.

What’s included in your 55+ Community Rent?

It’s important to find out what the monthly rent in a senior residential community covers. You need to ask what utilities, if any, are paid for with your monthly payment. Food and housekeeping are basic services that all senior living communities provide. Is food and housekeeping service subject to a surcharge?

Ask if transportation is free or pay-by-trip, and ensure that meal quality and quantity is satisfactory to you. If you’re bringing a pet into the community, ask if there is a pet deposit fee required and whether there are areas where your pet is not allowed.

Other Amenities in the Retirement Community

This is where you can make some big comparisons when you begin researching senior residence communities. You’ll find some luxurious options present in certain retirement homes. There are senior communities that have brilliantly appointed games rooms, libraries, and community rooms. You can find senior communities that have nicely appointed movie theaters with old-fashioned popcorn machines.

There are Long Beach retirement communities that offer a schedule of fun activities, educational opportunities, and diverting day-trips. You’ll find senior residential facilities that will have included dog parks and a myriad of walking trails.

The Long Beach, California Neighborhood

Long Beach, California is a city and a port in Southern California where the famous Aquarium of the Pacific is located. Retirees in Long Beach will revel in the famous California sunshine. Close to beaches and the best that Southern California has to offer, Long Beach residents can enjoy natural wonders and wonderful retail shopping and dining opportunities.

Long Beach is the home of the nation’s skinniest house. Located on Gladys Avenue and built in 1932, it was built on a lot only 10 feet by 50 feet.

Looking Ahead to Retirement Living in Long Beach

Part of your decision process should involve thinking about the future. Aging is an inevitable process that will bring reduced ability, memory, and mobility. Do you want to endure moving from one senior community to another because where you settled initially can’t accommodate your declining condition?

Brookdale Garden Grove is a beautiful senior residential community with a caring staff, and delicious home-style meals served every day. At Brookdale Garden Cove there is a wide range of activities, clubs and cultural enrichment programs to make your daily routine fun and enriching.

Vista Del Mar Senior Living provides high-quality assisted living in Long Beach. Residents enjoy hotel-style living on the beautiful corner campus. Vista Del Mar Senior Living has spacious apartments with ten-foot ceilings, patios, and balconies.

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