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How to Get Around Long Beach Without Driving

The main port in California, Long Beach, provides plenty to do for both residents of the city and tourists coming off the water. Not everyone at the beach city has a car to drive, leaving them stranded when they need to go more than a few blocks to a specialty store or restaurant. Rather than attempting the long trip by walking, you can use one of the transportation services available in the area. There are several to choose from that will get you where you want to be.

Long Beach Transit

Plan your trip easier by using the Long Beach Transit website. Based on your starting and ending addresses, as well as the time of day you want to leave, the trip generator provides you with any available bus routes for the given timeframe. You can select which landmark is nearby if you do not know your current street address, making it even more simple to get a ride. Seniors over the age of 62 receive a discount on fares, ensuring you can afford to take the bus anytime. You can even purchase a day pass, seven-day pass, 30-day pass for much less than the regular price.

Neighborhood Taxi

Low-Cost Taxi in Long Beach is the neighborhood taxi for everyone. You get charged a flat rate if you are going to or coming from LAX or the John Wayne Airport. An even more affordable flat rate gets charged for going to the Long Beach Airport. It costs less than half the price. Flat rates to Disneyland, the Carnival Cruise Terminal, and the Catalina Cruise Terminal are also disclosed on the company’s website, making it easy to see precisely what your ride will cost you. Use the company’s booking page to request services or call them at (562) 448-2146.

Family Concierge From Envoy

Envoy employs a family concierge responsible for handling all senior transportation needs. He or she will take you to run errands, get you to your appointment, or ensure you have all your shopping needs fulfilled. The concierge can even stay and help put the groceries away, organize the fridge, take out the garbage, or handle any other tasks you have to do around the house.

Getting Transported Through Long Beach With Help

It may prove difficult to find transportation on your own. Rather than struggling to find a ride, get help getting transported through Long Beach. Various resources exist beyond the options mentioned above. Whether you need to get to the store, make it to an appointment, or just want to enjoy some activities throughout the area, you can find a way to get there without a car.

Reach out to the Los Angeles County Community Senior Services to see what their options are for seniors in need of a ride. They will have resources and volunteers available to help you get where you need. They partner with the Area Agency on Aging to offer support services for anything elders need, whether transportation, support, or otherwise.

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