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How Much Does Long Beach In-Home Care Cost?

Everyone enjoys the pleasures of home, and there are few things in life more stressful than having to move from the place you’ve lived decades of your life.

Long Beach seniors enjoy living in one of the most beautiful American cities, and understandably don’t want to relocate to a senior living community unless they have to. A survey conducted by AARP demonstrates this fact.

According to the survey, the percentage of people aged between 50 and 64 who want to remain at home throughout their senior year is over 70%. For Americans 65 and older, the numbers are even starker.

Almost 90% of people over age 65 want to age in place, remaining in their homes for as long as possible.

Luckily, Long Beach seniors have many resources available that will make staying home throughout their golden years not only possible but in some cases preferable.

Keep reading to learn how in-home care can make staying in familiar surroundings easy, and ensure you a high quality of life at home.

Quick Facts about Long Beach In-Home Care

Long Beach seniors have access to over 20 different in-home care service providers.

Long Beach in-home providers must meet stringent requirements to be licensed by the California Department of Health, and home health aides must meet minimum education and experience requirements to work in the homes of seniors.

All home health aides must pass a criminal background check and be fingerprinted as a condition of employment.

A little less than one million people work as home health aides in the U.S., and more than twenty thousand of those individuals work in California.

The average earnings of home health aides in the U.S. are less than $25,000 per year, the average wage of a California State home health aide is approximately $15 per hour according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Long Beach Homemaker Services and Costs

Homemaker service in Long Beach, California costs almost $4,400 per month or $142 per day. That money will pay for a range of important household tasks and personal help.

For seniors who are experiencing less mobility and lower energy levels, homemaker service will assist you with shopping, light housework, running errands, and even grooming and bathing.

Your homemaker service will provide someone who can also remind you to take medications according to schedule, communicate with your family regarding your condition, and conduct important safety checks to minimize the chance of accidents in the home.

Homemaker service is most valuable for seniors who are still healthy and reasonably independent but need to have some of the stress of daily tasks relieved. Homemaker service is also good for social contact that will keep a solitary senior engaged and interested in daily life.

Long Beach Home Health Aide Services and Costs

While in some areas Home Health Aides are more expensive than homemaker service, this isn’t true in Long Beach. The average cost of care got home health aide service in Long Beach is roughly $4,300 per month, which almost mirrors the cost of homemaker service in the same area.

The difference between homemaker service and a home health aide is essentially medical. A home health aide has received training in critical medical service that will help monitor seniors for potential problems.

Your home health aide will be able to conduct blood pressure and pulse checks, as well as take your temperature. Home health aides have education in senior nutrition, infection control, and patient transfer techniques.

Much care provided from the home health aide mirrors the level of care seniors receive in a nursing home, but costs far less than even a semi-private room in that kind of facility.

How Much Help Do Long Beach Seniors Need?

Depending on your unique circumstances and health level, seniors will need varying levels of care to experience a good quality of life at home.

For the most independent seniors and those who have regular help from family members, respite care could be a good option. Respite care will provide you with temporary care when you’re ill or recuperating. Respite care will allow your regular caregiver to take time off for whatever reason without leaving you without help.

For seniors who need help intermittently, take advantage of part-time in-home care. Part-time care will provide help when you need it. Whether it’s shopping, laundry or some other weekly chore, part-time care will provide care when you need it.

As age inevitably degrades your independence, you can use full-time care to ensure your comfort and safety during the day.

For seniors who need constant care, agencies can schedule live-in or 24/7 in-home care.

Choosing In-Home Care in Long Beach

The first step to choosing in-home care is to discover which providers service your area. Internet searches will help you to get a list of candidates together quickly.

You’ll want to check the reputations of these service providers. While the internet is a convenient way to discover what people are saying about each agency, you’ll still want to talk to current and previous customers whenever possible to get the best idea of which agency is best for your needs.

How Will You Pay For In-Home Care

As important as in-home care is to seniors who want to remain at home, paying for in-home care can be challenging.

There are different ways Long Beach seniors can finance the care that they need.

Senior homeowners have the option of getting a second mortgage to pay for homemaker service or a home health aide. A second mortgage provides a steady monthly income that will go a long way towards covering the cost of care.

U.S. combat veterans could qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance pension which could help defray the costs of in-home care.

Low-income seniors can apply for California Medicaid to pay for the care services that they need to stay at home, rather than be relocated to a nursing home.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires daily in-home help, and you have a long-term care insurance policy, that policy could cover the cost of your in-home care.

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