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How Much Do Long Beach Nursing Homes Cost?

Long Beach locals enjoy beautiful beachfront living, including scenic ocean views and sweeping landscapes. The city is also home to lush parks, historic museums and world famous works of art. Residents enjoy a high standard of living, but they also pay a premium for essential services. Skilled nursing care can be expensive for Long Beach seniors, but there are some simple ways that you can save on your monthly care costs.

California nursing care: a brief overview

According to The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Total Number of Residents in Certified Nursing Facilities, and AARP’s Long-Term Care in California.

There were almost 100,000 nursing home residents living in California in 2014.

California has the second biggest nursing home population in the U.S., with only New York state caring for more patients.

California spends about half of its Medicaid long-term care funding on skilled nursing services outside of the home.

Over half of California nursing homes were rated average or better during standard health inspections.

The cost of nursing care in Long Beach

Nursing homes can be expensive around the Los Angeles and Long Beach metroplex area. A semi-private room in a local nursing cost a median of $83,220 per year as of 2016, while a private room cost an annual median of just over $108,000. Nationwide, nursing home residents only paid $92,378 per year for a private room.

Despite the relatively high cost of local care, Long Beach nursing home residents tend to pay less for room and board than seniors in neighboring cities. In nearby areas such as Orange County, residents pay around $150,000 per year for private care. Pacific Coast retirees who want to stay close to home can save thousands of dollars on care each year by choosing to settle down in Long Beach.

Daily care in a Long Beach nursing home

Nursing homes are able to provide a higher level of medical care than assisted living facilities and many home-based senior health services. Residents receive care 24 hours a day, with trained staff members on hand at all times. A Registered Nurse (RN) oversees a staff of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) who work closely with both patients and their families.

In addition to providing standard custodial care, CNAs are also able to help residents with wound care, medication schedules, and even physical therapy. Nursing homes cater to the medical needs of a wide variety of patients, from those who are recovering from surgery to those managing chronic health conditions.

Throughout the course of each day, the nursing staff treats residents to delicious homemade meals that are created with balanced nutrition in mind. Most facilities are able to accommodate different dietary requirements, offering specialized meal plans for diabetic residents, vegetarians, religious groups, and more. With fresh menus offered daily, nursing home residents don’t have to worry about the hassle of cooking or cleaning the dishes.

More than just medical care

While medical care is important, it isn’t the only service that Long Beach nursing homes offer for residents. Seniors who live in local nursing homes enjoy a rich and active lifestyle thanks to special events and activities organized by staff members. Residents can stay sharp and keep fit by participating in game nights, arts and crafts lessons, pet therapy sessions, and more. Many nursing homes also host movie matinees and live performances for their residents.

When you move into a nursing facility, you’ll see what makes the place into a real home. Every Long Beach nursing facility offers a different sort of “vibe” for its residents, from spiritual and religious communities to pet-friendly accommodations. Residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible as they explore all that their community has to offer. 

Finding the right nursing home

When looking for a local nursing home, there are some things that you should consider before making a final decision. It’s important that the facility has a clean, pleasant atmosphere and that the staff is friendly and accommodating. If you are interested in a particular nursing home, you can schedule a tour to check out the campus and chat with residents. Many facilities even let visitors taste a meal or two during their stay. You can learn more about Long Beach nursing care options and senior services by contacting the California Department of Aging.

Covering the cost of nursing care

Many seniors rely on government financial assistance to access vital health services, including both long-term and short-term nursing care. Low-income seniors who are eligible for Medi-Cal may receive financial aid for medically necessary nursing care, but they must meet strict financial guidelines in order to qualify. California Medicare also covers nursing care and rehabilitative services, but only for limited period of time. Beneficiaries must be recovering from an accident, illness or hospital stay that requires them to have 24-hour care.

When you or a loved one are starting to think about moving into a local nursing home, you can contact a representative at the California Department of Aging for legal help and financial advice. The California Department of Aging's Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) helps to educate seniors about Medicare benefits, prescription drug plans, and health plans. You can call, email or visit the LA County HICAP office to learn more about what nursing care services your Medicare plan will cover.

If you think that you may need nursing care in the near future and don’t qualify for government assistance, you should start looking into long-term care insurance policies as soon as possible. You may also be able to use your home in order to offset care costs. Homeowners that are making a permanent move into a nursing community can sell their house to help raise some money, while those who have a loved one still living at home may be able to take out a reverse mortgage to help cover monthly care bills. Be aware, though, that there are fees, taxes and legal ramifications involved. You can visit your nearest Area Agency on Aging for senior legal services, courtesy of the California Department of Aging.

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