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Caregiving in Long Beach, CA

When you decided to care for your loved one, you probably didn’t realize how full-time caregiving can be so exhausting. To help revive your mind and body, you need to take breaks from time to time. Without breaks, you can lose energy and compromise your overall health condition.

There is help out there for you either through a private agency, government program, or support group. You can also hire out tasks to help manage your time and relieve some stress of errand running. Below is an outline of various programs and services available to Long Beach caregivers to make your job easier.

Take a break - big or small you deserve them all

You don’t want to get too burned out on care. Having burnout can cause health issues such as depression. The stress takes its toll both mentally and physically. Here are some available services and programs available in the Long Beach area to make your life as a caregiver easier.

Hire a concierge service to complete those tasks that just require too much of your time, such as grocery shopping, running errands, or cleaning. Hiring out these services will also mean you don’t have to leave your loved one alone while you are gone.

California Concierge, LLC provides services such as house maintenance, errand running, grocery shopping, pet care, and more. If you want to shop from your home, Amazon Prime Now delivers products directly to your door within two days for Prime products. Annual membership costs $99 and includes shipping for Prime items, which means you do not pay an additional shipping charge.

Adult day programs take care of seniors during the week while you are at work. These programs are also great option to get your loved one out of the house, giving you a much-needed break. These programs are state-licensed and provide seniors a hot lunch, fitness classes, personal attention, social activities, and more. For older adults that have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there are specialized care facilities. Approved facilities may also reimburse care costs for the elderly that receive either VA or Medicaid benefits. In 2016, the adult day health care daily cost was around $73 in Long Beach, CA.

In-home respite care is a good option for homebound seniors because the care comes directly to your home. You can also check transportation off your list. To help you find the right care option, you can collaborate with an agency to hire a home health aide or homemaker that matches your loved one’s health needs. This agency can also help you create a care plan, and update as your loved one’s health needs change. In Long Beach, the average cost for these services was about $140 a day.

Short-term skilled nursing care is an option when your loved one needs more advanced care after a hospital stay, surgery, or even when you can’t provide care for an extended period. The Long Beach area has options for short-term care facilities, such as Vivante and Bixby Knolls Towers. The average daily cost for assisted living was $132, and the cost of a private skilled nursing room in Long Beach/Los Angeles area was about $296 daily.

California Department of Aging has put together a listing of senior care and respite options for you to aid your search. You can find adult day care, community adult services, caregiver support programs, and senior multipurpose service programs. You can also visit to search for area Long Beach senior care options. There are reviews from other users, which may provide some valuable insight.

Support groups available to help you

Discussing care with others who are also providing care to their loved ones can be beneficial in many ways. You can learn some tricks, get some recommendations on services, or just relieve some stress by venting to someone who understands. You may even find a mentor that can offer you some advice. Here are a few lists of the various caregiver support groups in the Long Beach California-area to help you find the right group.

Alzheimer’s Support Group at Memorial Care Health System is a free group for those caregivers facing Alzheimer’s and dementia. This group meets monthly and is hosted by the Senior Plus Program.

Comfort Finders lists various caregiver support groups in Long Beach including Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, COPD, and the National Parkinson Foundation to name a few. The Gazettes, which is Long Beach’s community website, also offers an extensive list of support groups including caregiver support groups. These lists should help you find the group that matches your need.

When you are no longer able to provide care

Life happens, and you may get a new job, have a new baby, or have to move. Any life change like this would most likely prevent you from continuing to provide care. Perhaps you just can’t physically or mentally be a full-time caregiver anymore, or your loved one needs more care than you can provide. It’s okay; there are several care options for you in Long Beach.

Knowing that you can no longer care for your loved one will be a painful realization, and you shouldn’t have to make the decision on where to move your loved one alone. Discuss options with other family members or friends.

To view all the nursing home, retirement communities, assisted living, and other care options, California created an extensive list of long-term care facilities, which includes the care type each facility provides. You may want to consider getting help from a senior care advisor to aid you with placing your loved one in the best facility. Placement Helpers will guide you to the care option that best suits your loved one. They also offer free tours and assessments to help you pick the option that meets your loved one’s health needs and location preference.

With all these resources, you should not feel like you have to be in this alone. Take advantage of the help. Ask your family, friends, or neighbors for assistance. Don’t let yourself get too burned out. You need care, too. You deserve it!

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