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Willing to adapt

I'm rating for my sister who needed special adaptations which were provided. She is able to do more than the family expected and we are grateful.

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Thanks for entrusting us with your sister's care. It's never an easy transition, so thanks to you and your family for adapting with us!

Excellent Elder Care

This has been a heartbreaking experience for me, since I had to seek and obtain care for my wife in March of 2018 away from our home due to Alzheimer’s. The move to Kent Place Senior Living has been a God send for my wife and for me when I chose to move her to Kent Place Senior Living in September of 2018.

My wife has really thrived at Kent Place; due to the care and respect she has been given and shown during her residency. I want to thank the management, staff and residents (because the residents do contribute to the healthful environment at Kent Place).

All the staff demonstrate their commitment and dedication to ensuring the residents are safe, cared for and respected every day. The management at Kent Place is very experienced and have been there for many years, like most of the staff. The management team set the example for all that work there, that resident care and wellbeing is the highest priority. There have been many fun times that I have observed, and Kent place regularly brings entertainment for the residents.

Kent Senior Living is generally quiet and peaceful, except during a lively Bingo game or other activity. The facility is clean, well maintained, and the food is the highest quality, very tasty and healthy. Each resident can select from a menu choice each day. The dining experience is dignified and excellent. There is an active community council where menu selections for the next month are recommended and voted on, community concerns are addressed; then implemented by management and staff.

There are so many incredible people working and caring for the residents at Kent Place. Many of the residents also watch out for each other and contribute to this great living experience. Thank you all at Kent Place Senior Living.

Kent Place is a Revelation!

I placed my 83 year old husband at Kent Place in late 2018. He's got dementia , without many of the obvious behaviors associated with that decline in his sunset years. My mother, then 90, when I began the education, needed assistance too. Unfortunately she passed in 2017 at the time in a good AFH. I have been and still am the only caregiver/advocate locally.
After 10+ years of doing my best to evaluate facilities for both of them, my research, search group participation, and my local ombudsman office, as well as a recommendation from a nurse friend, lead me to Kent Place. I wish I had found Kent Place way before my initial tries for placement of my husband & mother. It takes being present at where one chooses to house your family member. In almost all places, I was there most days or contactable by phone. I tried both large and small communities, including adult family homes before I found Kent Place.
I learned not to trust "promised" activities or caregiver to resident ratios made mostly by marketing people in the larger facilities. Without exception, these promises were never realized or were misrepresented. At Kent Place they didn't make any promises, they just delivered on their word. With my experiences I saw this immediately at Kent Place. It truly felt like "HOME". Thanks to a very creative Community Relations Manager, even holidays were "FAMILY" to everyone. Not just the residents, family members, and staff, but the surrounding community as a whole.
My husband has thrived at Kent Place. It usually takes in my experience 2-3 months in residence to find out how effectively a facility works. It literally only took a couple of weeks to see how the entire staff at Kent Place worked together as a team. There was an evident stability and low turnover. From the Executive Director, Care Services Manager, med-aides, and resident care partners, to maintenance, housekeeping, and dining services, I learned they were all on the same page, which is essential to the success of a facility. It has been over 6 months since I moved my husband in to Kent Place and this philosophy continues to this day.
One comment from the communities Executive Director, [name removed], and the Care Services Manager, [name removed], is one I truly value. It is that they run Kent Place like they will/would reside there themselves. To me, Kent Place is a model for how all our elder care communities could and should be run.

Great place for Alzheimer's care

I highly recommend Kent Place because they are family oriented and their quality of care is excellent. Their staff is beyond amazing! When we first visited Kent Place, it was so welcoming and inviting that my mom, who had been reluctant, was ready to move in immediately. My mom has Alzheimer's and Kent Place has been absolutely wonderful with meeting her needs and my expectations. Some day I expect to live there myself!

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Cyndy - thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are thrilled to have your mom in our community and we're glad you've entrusted us with your care. Hope to see you back soon!


Very nice place . a small friendly family feel. Staff is very good. Each day usually has something going on for the residents.

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Tom - thanks for your thoughtful feedback, we really appreciate it.

Very nice, but not as convenient to the freeway for visitors

A pleasant and well run smaller care facility.

My 93-year-old father lived here for three years and we were pleased with all aspects of the facility except the food, which is adequate. When he was accepted to hospice at 96, it became evident that his room was too private and we moved him to a small group home. The staff to resident ratio does not lend itself to the level of care of someone who is bedridden.
Another note: The nurse keeps records of doctor's changes in care and implements them. She is not a caregiver or able to prescribe medications.

My grandmother lives here. They are very accommodating to family members visiting. Very friendly staff.

Great community and location! Rooms are small but big enough for my mom.

Personalized care. Small facility but nice staff.

I have lived here for about 1 year and have really enjoyed it. There are a lot of activities and staff is very friendly.

Great small facility with nice staff. It really has a homey personalized touch!

My grandmother moved here and she is really enjoying it. Very friendly staff and a good amount of activities.

Great community

My dad has lived at Kent Place for a year now. The staff is supportive and attentive to his needs and I have complete confidence in the care they provide. The facility is smaller which is perfect and ensures that the residents don't get lost in the crowd.

The staff checks on the residence several times during the day and always encourage them to participate in the activities. Residence meet monthly with the staff to discuss menu options, activities and discuss community items in general. Family members are always welcome and the staff makes a point of getting to know us.

I have recommended this community to others and will continue to do so.

Kent Place is Wonderful

I have lived at Kent Place for one year. My cozy studio apartment comes with a view of the beautiful garden. The food is healthy and delicious and there is always an alternative menu to choose from. I love getting the three o’clock knock which means the snack trolley is at my door!
I enjoy the various activities offered daily: classic board games, arts & crafts, a rolling library and outings to interesting places: Oregon Zoo, Washougal Falls, Washougal Museum, Antique Shopping, and events with other Senior Living communities. I love the Salon, the Activities Room and the Garden.
Kent Place's staff is WONDERFUL. It is obvious that they like their jobs, and this translates into compassionate care for all residents here.

Great Place for Loved Ones

My Father has been living at Kent Place for about 4 months now and we love it. The staff is very attentive and caring. They have been very helpful to my family. Asking about what we need and what they can do to make us comfortable.

Great place to convalesce

I’ve been here as a resident for almost 3 months and I recommend Kent Place at 5 stars!

Best place in Camas.

Kent place is one of the friendliest and caring places in Camas and Vancouver. It’s a wonderful set up with a courtyard and the ability for the residents to walk inside the building or sit outside.
The Activities calendar covers so much! Well done in the outings and activities that are geared towards seniors: Cooking, painting, etc. certainly keeps the brain and joints going! Speaking of which, they have daily chair exercises. The staff really are caring. From the time I walked in until I left a few months later there was consistency in the activities, caring staff, the food and the summer socials. They have a monthly meeting for residents to discuss what’s happening. Well done Kent Place!!

too small of facility. Not enough activities.

Please do not bring your loved one here

It started off like a dream. The only reason I am giving it a .5 is due to [Removed], the sales woman. She honestly seemed wonderful. She knew all of the specifics that we needed for my Dad on how to obtain his prescriptions efficiently. [Removed] sent me flowers, which I thought was really nice, when my father was admitted to the hospital. She helped with scheduling another evaluation when needed. The day before the evaluation I called [Removed] to update her on my father’s condition and she reassured me that they would be able to help. [Removed] was optimistic about being able to take care of him and said that everything would be fine. She had me leave a check for the community fee as a visual, they would bill us per month for 3 months for the fee and they wouldn’t cash the check. I went back and forth for a bit with the ER and Kent place because of my father’s deteriorating condition and the ER saying the facility was not adequate for the care he needed. Kent Place rescheduled another evaluation. After filling out some of the paperwork for him to move in, I was forced to talk to the director due to a few discrepancies and she started yelling at me because I wasn’t willing to take over financial responsibility for my Dad in the event that he wasn’t able to pay his rent. After going back and forth like this for a while they said he could move in, even though the second evaluation hadn’t been done yet. The day of move in, my husband was ready to move my Dad’s things to Kent Place and suddenly I get a call from the ER saying that Kent Place wants to send ANOTHER evaluator. The week after I wrote the check for the community fee, I checked my account and found out that Kent Place cashed the check the DAY I wrote it when they said they wouldn’t. They took that money and then called my Dad’s friend who was at the ER with him and had him take over as the POA because I refused to move my Dad’s things in. After everything that happened, Kent Place said they would be prorating his rent and paying us back for the U-Haul (which they haven’t). After 35 days of him being there, I asked them why they cashed the check for the community fee the day I wrote it when it was supposed to only be a visual and I haven’t heard anything from them. I had to set him up for automated withdrawals for his rent and even after 2 months, they haven’t charged him because they won’t work with the VA or cash the checks the VA sends. I’ve tried talking with them and they won’t return my calls. The entire time talking with them, they told me not to worry about anything. I can’t even visit my Dad now because of how awkward they’ve made everything. They really don’t know what they’re doing and I don’t want anyone else to have to experience this.

Don't move here

Make sure you know they can't handle Veterans. These people cashed a check for $2000 for community fees and then denied the ability to care for me leaving me without enough money to move in to a place that can take Veterans fiduciary payments.

Residents just sit around

The staff here are nice and knowledgeable, but there are not many activities or engagement for the residents. A calendar is published, but they don't really do the things on it.

Too small..

When we toured the Kent Place, we noticed that it is a very nice place with nice people but it was very small. There were not more than 25 residents there and I wanted a larger place with more activities so that my mother would have more to do.

Superlative staff, Nice rooms, Caring , Caring, Caring

I researched care centers twice in 2 years and both times recommended "Kent Place" for my aunt. She, toured it and moved. The care was excellent. Staff treated her as if she were a special family member. Strong bonds were formed. [Removed] went far beyond the call of duty. They made it a wonderful place. 200 characters is not enough space to review. I need 5 pages single spaced to do justice to a review.

A Nice Community

This is a clean environment for my mom to stay. The community is more above than the last place. The staff are much more caring and accommodating. I really like them. It is a nice facility and the experience is good so far. My mom must be eating good because she has gained weight since being here!

Very Respectful And Supportive Staff

We are very pleased with the this community, they are taking good care of my mother and her needs. She is doing well here. They do a very good job with keeping everything nice and clean. She has tired a few activities, they offer many nice ones for her to choose from. The staff have been very supportive and respectful. They are very gentle too my mother, and that is nice to see. The food is great, she is satisfied with the meals. This is a community I would recommend.

Very Great Nursing Staff

This is really a great community and we are pleased with everything they have done for our family. The staff is great--everyone is very friendly and kind and they are caring for Mom very well. There are activities available and offered when she is ready to participate. The meals are good: Mom enjoys the food. The nursing staff provides good clinical oversight. This is a community I would recommend

Good experience

Our experience with Kent Place has been a good one. The facility is clean, and the staff all seem very friendly and helpful. I really like how family oriented they seem, the entire community has just a friendly comfortable atmosphere.

She does not like to participate in the activities, but they do provide them. I really like the staff. They are really caring and they are very nice and care about their residents. Overall this is a good facility.


I toured this community and it was lovely. The staff was friendly and answered all of my questions.

The Very Best

The staff has been wonderful! MountainView House was the answer to prayers for a loving, upbeat, professional place for my mom to call home. We feel we've been blessed!

When we toured Mt. View it was just lovely. The seem to have everything we were looking for.

From the Community

At Kent Place, our senior living community, you will find laughter, a homelike environment, and quality care. We develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident, and a full-time registered nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. We welcome pets and help our residents thrive in mind and body through activities, such as arts and crafts, bingo, tai chi, live entertainment, bible study, card and board games, ice cream socials, watching football on Monday nights, and dancing. We also go on outings for shopping, visits to the zoo, and sightseeing. At Kent Place in Camas, we strive to provide the highest possible level of assisted living care.