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Needs Significant Improvement

Linden House just opened in May. While it started out well, things have steadily fallen apart. The nursing care manager departed after a few months, and they finally hired a new one about a month ago. They lost the beautician and nail tech who did pedicures (badly needed on a regular basis by this age group) a couple of months ago, and never hired new ones nor have they determined how to fill this needwhile waiting to hire new staff. This is awful to the residents who have no where else to get their needs met. Meals were great early on, but have declined. The temperature is set too low for the elderly residents and they are uncomfortable in the dining room and other locations, except for their rooms where they can control the temperature. The activities are limited and it is incumbent on the resident to ask about activities whereas the activities director and staff are not proactive in coming by the residents' rooms to discuss the weekly activities and ask what they might want to attend. The Senior Center is right around the corner and no effort has been made to take the residents on an orientation there. When I asked, I was told they could go if they wanted to. This is assisted and not independent living - Linden House needs to provide assistance and not lean on the residents and family members who have full time jobs and are paying the facility quite a lot of money to fill those needs. This facility is understaffed and does not understand how to plan for loss of personnel or how to backfill them in a timely manner. Did I mention how many times the elevator has gone out of service and how long it took to get permanent phone service there? I will say that the staff is kind, for the most part, but overworked. We are extremely disappointed and are considering alternatives-don't waste your money.

Jon Waugh

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. If you are willing, we would very much appreciate having an opportunity to discuss all the matters you raised.

We think a lot of our employees and are selective about who we hire. We appreciate your comments about the kindness and friendliness of our staff.

Please reach out and have a dialogue with me Jon Waugh, the Marketing/Leasing Director.

From the Community

When there comes a time in life when more assistance is needed, Linden House Assisted Living offers personalized care in an environment of kindness and respect. We encourage and support independence by providing whatever services residents need 24-hours-a-day so that they can live their lives to the fullest. Extensive on-site amenities—a theater, rehab gym, hair and mani-pedi salons—and in-house entertainment, happy hours, and guest lectures enrich our community’s life.