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Customer Reviews

We Appreciate Linden

We moved my parents into Linden about 6 months ago. They were a port in the storm. We needed a place with very short notice, and they promoted an attitude of making things work Overall, we have been pleased with the facility. The staff is friendly and the food is reasonable.

The main point is that they graciously opened their door, for which we are eternally grateful. Humanity rises above practicality, although the two are related.

Jon Waugh

Local Representative

We appreciate the kind words and will continue to strive for the best for our residents.


We realize there has been a learning curve for this first -time assisted living facility. This past spring my mom needed a place and they were one of the few that had space available. The staff is fairly friendly but there is a constant stream of newly hired staff so it is very hard to get to know the staff and difficult for them to know each residents' needs and particular ways. The helpers seem over-worked and rushed and especially unavailable in the evenings/nights. There are of course those gems on staff that stand out because they are caring and patient with my mom, and enjoy what they do. They are the exception.
The maintenance crew is very good and very responsive to all requests. It was difficult for everyone when the elevators were frequently broken but clearly this was not the fault of the Linden House staff. The limited parking is a bit worrisome and most inconvenient for visiting family members.
The food service is at best slow. The food quality and choice of menu entres not in keeping with the high monthly cost of living there. The help is cross-trained so they are wearing a number of different hats which leads to burn out and inefficiency. The freedom of the residents to choose their seating at all meals is definitely a plus.
The medicines are sometimes given by those that don't seem to know what they are giving out. When I asked the person giving medicines to my mom what she was giving her, she told me incorrect medicines that were not prescribed for her. We worked it out and she was given the correct medicines. They do try to communicate with the physician directly for added needs which is quite helpful since there is no in-house general healthcare provider as far as we know.
The showers are all walk-in without a curb which is convenient but the water comes out over the drain and onto the bathroom floor. This is a dangerous slip hazard!!
Transportation is another area that needs more availability during the week and the weekend. So far the family is responsible for transportation to all appointments. However, Linden House does arrange for Jaunt to come if that is needed.
Generally we have been somewhat disappointed with the care and day-to-day operations of the Linden House. We had anticipated a much higher quality. It has been a difficult time and they are helping my mother through it. We realize they are learning just as we are but we hope that they will work to improve these areas so that my mom can feel safer and be well cared for.

Jon Waugh

Local Representative

Thank you for your review of Linden House. If you are willing, we would very much appreciate having an opportunity to discuss all the matters you raised. Please reach out and have a dialogue with me Jon Waugh, the Marketing/Leasing Director or our Executive Director Judi Cleary.

The transition to Linden House

My father moved into memory care in October and the transition into Linden House went very well. We have been pleased with the attention and personalized care he has received from the staff.
We live across the country and, therefore, we are unable to make frequent visits to the facility. The communication as to my father's progress has been good when we call, however, some kind of routine communications would be helpful.
The memory unit is nicely laid out and the neighborhood design appears to be an improved concept over one large unit.
The most disappointing aspect was the fact that they had no set-up for TV's in the individual rooms. This required us to order and pay for the TV service. This issue still has not been resolved even though this service was part of the all inconclusive contract.
My mother and handicapped brother also moved into an assisted living apartment in October. Again, the move-in and transition went well.
They are pleased with the food service and selections. Also the support from the staff and specifically their aide has been especially appreciated.
Being new to the facility, it would be helpful if there were more outreach regarding activities. We say this but also recognize that the individual resident has to be both willing and accepting of these opportunities.
Also, hopefully the loss of the hairdresser and podiatrist is rectified soon. Since we are not local to assist our family, these in-house services are critical.
Overall, we are very pleased with the move-in process and the transition. These are very difficult transitions for elderly persons and every individual accepts the change differently. We are encouraged that the staff at Linden House are actively assisting with this transition.

Jon Waugh

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding Linden House Assisted Living and Memory Care. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We are currently finalizing the cable television contract and the issue should be resolved very soon. Also, we are currently interviewing candidates for our salon. If you have any further questions or would like to dialogue more, please reach out to our Business Development Director, Jon Waugh

Love Linden House

My mom moved into Linden House when they first opened, and I couldn't be happier with the staff, the apartment, and the attention and care she has received.

The staff are very friendly, attentive, and respectful. The dining facility is great, and the meals are healthy and tasty.

They have plenty of activities if the residents want to participate, and now they have a van to take residents on outings.

Since my mom has moved into Linden House, she is healthier than when she was on her own, and the peace of mind knowing she is well taken care of is priceless.

Jon Waugh

Local Representative

Thank you for your positive review of Linden House. I am so glad to hear that you are very pleased with our services. If there is anything we can do in the future or if you have any questions please let us know.

Needs Significant Improvement

Linden House just opened in May. While it started out well, things have steadily fallen apart. The nursing care manager departed after a few months, and they finally hired a new one about a month ago. They lost the beautician and nail tech who did pedicures (badly needed on a regular basis by this age group) a couple of months ago, and never hired new ones nor have they determined how to fill this needwhile waiting to hire new staff. This is awful to the residents who have no where else to get their needs met. Meals were great early on, but have declined. The temperature is set too low for the elderly residents and they are uncomfortable in the dining room and other locations, except for their rooms where they can control the temperature. The activities are limited and it is incumbent on the resident to ask about activities whereas the activities director and staff are not proactive in coming by the residents' rooms to discuss the weekly activities and ask what they might want to attend. The Senior Center is right around the corner and no effort has been made to take the residents on an orientation there. When I asked, I was told they could go if they wanted to. This is assisted and not independent living - Linden House needs to provide assistance and not lean on the residents and family members who have full time jobs and are paying the facility quite a lot of money to fill those needs. This facility is understaffed and does not understand how to plan for loss of personnel or how to backfill them in a timely manner. Did I mention how many times the elevator has gone out of service and how long it took to get permanent phone service there? I will say that the staff is kind, for the most part, but overworked. We are extremely disappointed and are considering alternatives-don't waste your money.

From the Community

When there comes a time in life when more assistance is needed, Linden House Assisted Living offers personalized care in an environment of kindness and respect. We encourage and support independence by providing whatever services residents need 24-hours-a-day so that they can live their lives to the fullest. Extensive on-site amenities—a theater, rehab gym, hair and mani-pedi salons—and in-house entertainment, happy hours, and guest lectures enrich our community’s life.