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Customer Reviews

Worst facility in State of WA

Worst facility in the state. Ran by goons. Envilant is corporate greed at its best. There are no activities, apts are dirty, the food is the worst. Management are clowns have no idea what they are doing. Employees walking out during their shifts, residents moving out weekly. The ED [name removed] is the WORST. THE residents pay HUGE money to live in filth, eat [language removed] food and be treated like they don't matter. Place should be shut down. Have unlicensed unexperienced employees working there. DO NOT put your loved one here.

Very Pleased

We are very please with Evergreen Place. The staff are very nice, attentive, and always personable. I think the food is good, My mother says she really likes it. They always seem to have a lot of activities going on in the community, and they keep it very pleased. I feel confident recommending this community to other families.

They promised me the moon but never delivered

I’ve had a rough go with this facility. The initial intake assessment was poorly done and upon my Father-In-Law’s arrival, they were not prepared. He is a two person assist and they only had one person there who was told that my In-Law was able-bodied. No one there had any information about his conditions. After a very stern conversation, they did a reassessment on my behalf. I feel like they did a bait and switch because his care cost almost doubled from the initial assessment. They promised me the moon and at the end of the day, they never delivered. I really felt like the executive director was just trying to fill a slot. There are some really great staff members here. They were phenomenal and really proactive in his care. If it wasn’t for them, I would have removed my Father-In-Law immediately. However, I feel like they are being worked to the bone by the director. One time my In-Law asked to go to bed and was told it was going to be a bit. An hour later we asked one of the caregivers how much longer and she was rude. She told us she was pregnant and it was going to be another hour for him to get assistance. We waited 2 and a half hours for someone to help him. When he got into bed, we went to dinner and while out, we saw an ambulance go by and we hoped it wasn’t for him. When we got to the facility, it was for him. He had gotten out of bed and there wasn’t enough staff to help him get into bed. Also, at this facility, I have been told by other residents that they are bored out of their minds. There are no activities for them to do. I would not recommend this facility to anyone who has high care needs or who is able-bodied and active.

My friend is happy here

My friend seems to be very happy here and he is looking so much better than the last time I saw him. They staff is very good about helping him. The get 3 meals a day and he said that the food was excellent here. It is clean in here and the lunch room is clean. He has made other veterans here, he spends a lot of time reading. I would recommend this community.

Passionate Staff

While looking at other facilities, this location included the best care that was needed for my loved one. The staff is really helpful and informative. During the first interactions they let us know up front on needs that they were able to meet and other needs that they could possibly meet. They were very straight forward. There were a few hiccups when my loved one first moved in. There was a slight miscommunication between us and the staff. It was promised to us that my loved one could receive cable in his room, but come to find that it only works on the opposite side of the building. So it was a huge bummer to find out the day of my loved one’s move in. Overall, however, it has a higher level of care then most places that we have seen and everyone there is very passionate in what they are doing. Even the upper staff in the offices, the people that I spend a lot of time talking to always seem so helpful and happy to do it for you.

I toured this community

I toured this community. It was a little bit more formal and expensive looking. It is a newer building and it was nice and clean. They answered all of my questions. But it was further away from me so we chose a closer place.

Such a Cute Community

Mom is doing better than I could ever have expected. The place is wonderful just the right size as soon as you walk in the door you feel right at home. Mom is enjoying meal times and interacting with the residents. The staff is great very friendly and encouraging they treat you like people not like patients. I feel very lucky to have found mom a nice place where she is happy safe and secure.

Friendly Facility!

My mom and I toured with [Removed]. My mom was having a bad morning, but in a few short minutes, she had Mom laughing and joking. She is so personable, and so good with the older set. Everyone we met at the facility was very friendly, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the residents. A very welcoming place!

This facility is in a transition period for staff members and I believe this is the reason there was an oversight in the refill ordering for my loved one at this facility. When the lapse was discovered, the staff was quick to find a solution so no doses were missed. Other than this issue, I have found the staff to be resident-involved, friendly and compassionate. My family member seems to be very happy with this facility.

Good so far...

My sister didn't realize they didn't offer air conditioning when she moved in. They are moving her to another apartment that doesn't have as much sun exposure. We like the place and so does my sister. I like that it is a smaller community that isn't so big and overwhelming. They have a lot of turnovers recently and we are a bit nervous that. Hopefully, they make positive changes.

My nice

I am happy living here in this nice community. The staff is always caring. I like the meals that are served here. I like a lot of the activities that are offered here. The crafts and the day trips are helpful. I would recommend this community for other families and their loved ones.

They Understand The Residents' Needs

My friend and his wife are being treated better than before. His wife is anxious about the price but the Executive Director has been fantastic about helping her understand. He is also very kind and patient. Every staff to maintenance guy is terrific. they go on being very kind and professional. The facility is very clean.
The biggest positive are the stimulation from activities.
My friend is wheeled out to join coffee conversation and participate in the meals. Music is played often. There is joy still in him and they stimulate it. On the first day he told the staff he don't eat chicken or anything from it. The lunch menu had chicken, instead they made him fish for lunch. I can't find no fault in them and we are pleased with them.

A Nice Community For My Mother And Her Needs

This is a lovely community, I'am very pleased with my mother's move here. She is currently in the hospital, but when she gets better she will be returning. I really do like this place, everybody has been very friendly. It is a nice and clean facility, they do a good job with keeping the community is well maintained. The staff is wonderful. The administrator was very helpful. There are activities offered. The food is okay, but it could be better. I know she is safe and in good hands. This is a community I would recommend.

So glad we found Evergreen

Evergreen has been the perfect place for 95 year old friend with advancing Parkinson's. We looked at "fancier" places and for some people in a different stage I'm sure these are wonderful. For our friend, clean, cheerful, sunny, friendly and very homey feeling really filled the bill. He's doing much better here than he had been doing in a group home which was really lacking in any sort of distraction or activity, didn't really have adequate staff for his level of care, and food was not as flexible as he preferred. Evergreen is great!

A Very Good Experience For Us Here

It was a great experience for my my father here at this community. They took very good care of him and his needs. The community was very neat and tidy. The staff was terrific, they were always willing to help. There were many activities offered. Everybody here was very kind and friendly. They were very attentive and accommodating to my father. It was a lovely experience.

We Are Very Pleased With This Community

My loved one is doing very well here at this community. I'am very pleased with all they have done for us. The community is very well maintained, they do a very good with keeping his room and the community nice and clean. He is really getting involved in the community, he enjoys happy hour. There are many activities offered for him to try. He is very pleased with the meals. I know he is being cared for very well. This is a community I would recommend.

Evergreen Place has been a life saver for my family. They have been extremely kind and efficient with the move in of my ex-husband. The experience has been easy and efficient and now that he has moved in they continue to show kindness and respect. He often tells me how much he is
enjoying living there and how good the food is. The staff is
very caring and helpful. He feels very much at home.

Not Recommended

Mom was here for 1 year 8 months I wish I could recommend but sadly they deceived me for the entire time indicating oh yes we are getting approved for medicaid as moms money was going fast finally after all her money was gone told me the truth never will they be taking medicaid . As time went on the place got very unclean and all kinds of building issues water coming in the roof. I would never recommend this place, mom did become fond of the CNAs though.

This place is extremely GOOD! They provide programs to entertain the residents. The people here are easy to work with and very pleasant to work.

Very infotmative. Helpful.

Nice community.

We loved the staff and everything about it. Mom is really happy there.

From the Community

Evergreen Place, formerly Lexington House

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.