Inglewood by Revera - Red Deer, AB

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Customer Reviews

It wasn't the place we needed for our relative

My husband had Dementia, needed some help with daily activities . He could manage these if some one was close or he had something to hang onto. He could not understand some of the staff members language. He didn't like the young girls washing his bottom. He could do this himself if he could hold on to something and given a wash cloth and water. (Not a WIPE) We were led to believe that an Rn was on duty. There was not.
I told them that he could walk and should walk behind his wheelchair or walker to meals. I doubt that he was. When I would come in to find him sitting in his wheelchair at the table instead of a dining room chair. He had incontinent pads with pull ups and underpants under his trousers. I had supplied pads, but it did'nt look as if they had been changed often. the staff didn't seem to understand the concept of looking in the bathroom drawer and putting a pad into his pull ups, the undershorts. He had nothing on one day under his trousers. The garbage with soiled pads (thet I had changed) was left in his room. I asked about who cleaned the toilet seat . the answer was the house keeping, which only came on Tues! He would miss the bottle and there was urine on the floor which was not mopped up. We had a green sleeve which stated No resucitation. When he was short of breath an ambulance was called. The staff did not inform EMS that there was a no resusitation order. Consequently Ems did CPR, broke his ribs. He is in constant pain, plus more confused and forgetful than before. the staff there did not understand his needs -, only to check off more money requirements. We were misled as to the care he would and could have been given. He is in Palliative care.