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Stay Away - Buyer Beware

Stay away from Revera, especially Chateau Renoir. The meals are heat and serve. The chef doesn't know the meaning of a home cooked meal and is more like a short order cook than a red seal chef. There is nothing gourmet about the meals. Don't expect home baking. Everything is commercially bought and full of additives. If you have special dietary needs they are ignored. The cleaning staff are not great. Many times I've been to my mothers suite after they supposedly cleaned to find dust and the bathroom mirror never cleaned. They also lose towels and linens and shrink sheets.

The management is the worst at this place. All they want is your money. Lots of false advertising and promises.

Stay. Away.

This place is just awful. It is grossly understaffed and the staff they do have are not trained to work with those in cognitive decline. To cover for understaffing they use [Removed] to chemically restrain residents. This place is private for profit and they are ALL about the profit.

Be concerned

There seems to be a big disconnect between the sales department and the medical staff. The claim that they are a long term care facility although they are not allowed to call it that. In reality they are not. We were warned not to go there but in a panic it was the only facility that had a vacancy. On our tour we saw very few patients and very few staff members. After being assured they could look after our mother the medical department said they were not equipped. We never received a call back at all explaining what had transpired.


Our visit was nice. It seems like a nice place and the staff was very pleasant.


With my friend staying at Evergreen, In general, he appears to be satisfied with the residence. He has commented that the residence is well maintained and is clean. He is pleased with the staff and has said that they are all very pleasant.He has made the comment that occasionally the meals may not be up to expectations, and maybe the men that he has supper with are not very talkative.The biggest concern that he has is that there is not much to do after supper. On several occasions when I have been there, I have noted that everyone seems to retire to their rooms after supper.

He's really happy

The staff at Evergreen by Revera is incredible and my Dad-In-Law is more social than he has been in years. He/we love it so much that his sister has also moved in. We do not have to worry about him day in, day out and he's really happy.

Absolutely loved this place. Are definitely going to bring Dad back for a tour

Very nice community. [Removed] the "well being" assessment nurse was very knowledgeable and helpful in assessing moms needs now and later. Everything mom would need. Lots of near by amenities from shopping to eating. Promotional offer of first and sixth month rent free.

Best of all place to live for your loved one.

Well,first at all I would like to say thank you to all Staff at Evergreen Senior living.

My first expression was great. The place is nice clean and cozy.Staff are well train and very helpful.

I couldn't choose a better place for my mother then Evergreen memory care.

Once again thank you to all Staff. You are awesom. And what is more important my mother like it too.!!

Review of Evergreen by Revera - Calgary, AB

Evergreen is a lovely place as a first impression. The tour was good. The room that I saw was nice and would accommodate Mom nicely. It is a facility that I will keep on my list as a possibility. I have a few more to see. Basically I guess I will compare the facilities I see and what is offered in them to what was provided at McQueens in Edmonton where Mom lived. I was always impressed with the food at McQueens as they provided a salad bar with lunch and dinner always. That salad bar consisted of an assorted selection of cheese tomatoes cucumbers peppers cottage cheese as well as a lettuce if you wanted to create an actual salad. There was always fresh fruit available as well. They had numerous activities for the occupants to partake in especially sing alongs at least twice a week.As I scanned the meal and activity sheets provided at Evergreen I didnt see salad bars (but they did serve a salad) and the activity sheet seemed to provide a lot of movie watching and happy hours every day neither of which my Mom does so these factors will probably be a deciding factor even though perhaps I should change my thought process and choose the one that provides the best medical care