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Parmer Woods at North Austin

My father has lived in both assisted living and now memory care at Parmer Woods. I, like most, just want what’s best for him. In my heart of heart, I sleep well at night now knowing he is safe, loved, supported, and accepted for who he is at this moment in time. So important to not be a number. He is a happy safe human being depending on all of their care and support. I couldn’t ask for more.

I loved this community and the people there, specifically [name removed] and [name removed]. They are extremely patient, friendly, and comforting.

Desinated Smoking Area

This community was very lovely very clean and well kept. The staff was friendly and very nice. This community had a designated smoking area that was little ways from the apartments and that wouldn't have worked for my mom. She was looking for something she would be able to step outside and be able to smoke.

The Community I Live In

I am doing fine since moving into the community. It is very nice here. The people and staff are nice. The food is good too. Eventually I will be trying some of the activities. Everything is good for me.

Gave the impression of not being interested.

I guess I went into this tour with high expectations of getting a sales pitch to entice me to sign on the dotted line but to my surprise that didn't happen. Granted it was a little late in the day but the women I am not sure of what position she held but she gave the impression that she was tired and really not engaged to do the tour.
I must say that she did do a follow-up phone call with me a few days later which I thought was good.
The overall appearance of the inside left little to be desired it is in desperate need of a paint job you can tell the walls haven't been touch in quite some time.
After touring the facility and speaking to people there I came back with a feeling that they really didn't care if I signed a contract with them or not.

A tour

I liked this community when we visited as it seemed clean and well taken care of. The people I met were friendly. This community is for assisted living and memory care and we were looking for more independent living.

Small rooms...

This was a fine facility, but we did not like it as much as the facility we ended up choosing. The rooms seemed a bit small, and it seemed like more of an assisted living facility, which is what we were not looking for for my loved one.

My mom's care

I like the care at this community. The staff is outstanding and attentive to her needs. The community is clean and very nice. The menu is very good and she is happy with the nice variety. The activities have been very helpful to her. I like that my mom is getting small trips out of the community this she enjoys with the other residents. We would recommend the great care of this community to other families.

A tour for Care

I toured this community and was happy with the tour. We did not move in due to needs for my mom. They did have a nice variety of good healthy meals that are served. The community was clean and they had great activities. The courtyard. is large and very enjoyable when outdoors. We would recommend this community for other families for the care of a loved one.

Older place!

When we walked into the Brookdale, it felt more like a nursing home. MY loved one needed more independent living so this place would not have worked out for him. Also, the rooms were extremely small and had no access to the outside.

Positive atmosphere!!

The staff that work at this facility have been absolutely phenomenal on the quality of care they have been providing to my mother. They are very good at helping her with her bedroom chores and the chef has done a great job at preparing her meals. She has been very pleased with her dinning experience and the nutrition she has been receiving. The only I thing I wish is that she could have some additional help on motivating her to get involved with the various activities they have available.

To die for dining!

Very nice community. However, it has a weird floor plan in the apartments. The people were nice and helpful and they gave us a nice tour. I was really impressed with the dining area. It was very nice. It was just to far.

[Removed] was nice. Place was very clean and nice. I would like more info. on memory/Alzheimer's care as my dad seems to be having more problems than we originally thought.

Lots of beautiful windows!

The community at Brookdale Parmer Lane was very attractive. The community has many windows that let in a lot of light. It felt very welcoming and bright. The dining room is always open and if you want a snack in the middle of the night you can get something. We did not like that the closet was in the kitchenette instead of the bedroom. They have small dorm room type refrigerators that are low to the ground making it difficult to use.

Highly Recommend!!

My friend has been very comfortable residing in the community. If there is a problem the staff and the directors will try to fix it. There are many activities on site and off site. Healthy portioned meals are also available for the residents. One of the things that we weren't very pleased about was a strong odor in my friend's room. No one could find what it was but they tried their best to fix the issue.

This is the right place for me!!

I enjoy living at Brookdale Parmer Lane. The staff are available 24 hours a day if I need them. The food is good and they have a nice variety to choose from. They have daily activities and provide a weekly calendar of events. I would recommend this community if you have the cash to pay for it.

Brookdale - Parmer Lane - Excellent place for Mom and Dad

The folks at Brookdale - Parmer Lane are wonderful. The care is excellent, there are plenty of activities, and everyone there is very friendly. The facility is very clean, and has all kinds of amenities, like a theater, library, etc. The only suggestion I have is perhaps they could put together an information packet containing information on how to schedule appointments with medical professionals that periodically come in, how to "check out" the residents when they have medication requirements while they are away from the facility, and various other "how to's". This is a great place, and I'm glad we moved Mom and Dad there.

Some Good, Some Bad

I think the management of Brookdale Parmer Lane and the scope of the Assisted Living side was great. My experience with them was good. The Memory Ward section leaves of couple of things to be desired, however.

Not a good fit

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. I just didn't think this place would have been a good fit. It is a large community, and the rooms that were available would have been quite a long walk for my loved one to get to and from the common and dining areas. I also felt the fee they charge for their medication service was VERY high, it would have been a significant portion of the overall bill.

didn't provide double beds

We did respite care here for mom at Brookdale Parmer Lane to give dad a break. One thing I would say about this location is it didn't provide double beds. A twin bed was provided and the staff was unwilling to accommodate moms need for a larger bed. The staff also didn't not seem to listen to moms dietary restrictions and quite a few sweets were given to her. I am not sure if it was because it was respite care or what but those things are concerning to me.

Absolutely No Complaints

What they do well is the attention to their residents. They get to know your name, they get to know their family, always paying attention to a lot of the smaller details really. The food is very good. In fact sometimes the food is just outstanding, I have never heard anyone complain about it. They always have nurses on duty, which is a real outstanding reason in why I wanted her to be there. They are just really handling this thing well, and from my stand point I have no complaints.

First experience has been learning experience

I have both parents as residents, my overall experience has not been positive. On paper and appearance this "community" is attractive, quite different once you become a part of Brookdale. I agree with previous poster about communication not being very good. Leadership is questionable, supported by comments of staff members. Staff turnover is a problem much like most facilities in this industry, but Parmer Lane is understaffed. Inconsistent in performing basic duties like apartment cleaning, laundry, responding to resident calls. There are some quality individuals working here that genuinely care about the residents, but they need more help. Don't buy into the Brookdale promise, attempts to discuss issues up the chain are futile. Investigate all the "perks" they offer.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. Please contact us at familyconnection[at]brookdale[dot][com] to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

Happy There

Most importantly - my mother is very happy there. The staff are nice and attentive and there are activities that keep her entertained and busy each week. We both love the fact that there is "continuous dining" from 7:00am to 7:00 pm, which means one doesn't have to be on a strict schedule for breakfast lunch and dinner.

When my mom first moved in, we really adored the nursing staff. They were great. The property sold to Brookdale after she had been there a short time and suddenly all the nursing staff that we knew began to leave. Many of these folks had been there for many years. That's been my only complaint. I believe they replaced seasoned, well liked nursing staff with young, less expensive, inexperienced people. Overall, we are still happy there.

Friendly, helpful staff!

I think they do an excellent job at Brookdale Parmer Lane! The facility itself is beautiful, and always well kept and clean. And the staff here are just wonderful, they are friendly, professional, and obviously really care about the people that they are taking care of. They also do a wonderful job with the food, my loved one can be quite a picky eater and I haven't heard any complaints. I never mind staying for a meal when I visit!

major medication administration mistake

Although the place was nice enough and overall had a good feel, they handled a major mistake with my mother's meds very poorly. They basically, on accident, put my Mom into significant withdraws when they miss-ordered and miss-administered her med. Even though they admitted this was a mistake, they would not honor their written policy of a refund for the 2 months she was there. We would have been happy with anything, but they just stonewalled us and we gave up.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are troubled by your comments and would like to hear more about the specific reasons you feel your mother was unsafe. We have no reports of any medication mismanagement on our records, nor do we see any residents who stayed with us for only two months. Our community management team has been made aware of your concerns, and we invite you to reach out to out to them again to get these issues resolved. You may also contact Ethics First at and your concerns will be addressed directly to the Emeritus Leadership Team.

We toured this community when we were...

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for a loved one. This was a very nice looking community, the staff were all friendly and helpful, and it was very clean. Although we ended up selecting another community this was our second choice, so it is definitely worth a look.

EXCEPTIONALLY HAPPY with this place, only place I would put my mother in Austin

Everything about Parmer Woods has been great! It's a beautiful place, and everyone has been very friendly. Mom is like a different person now, she has shown so much improvement. When she was at home she had trouble getting around her house just from not needing to move and getting out of shape, and now she is up walking around the community, dancing, and having fun with friends. One of the reasons I picked this place was that when I toured the residents were out being social, talking, and laughing, and that is what I wanted for Mom.

One aspect that I really liked at this community is their dining set up. Mom LOVES the food. There are open dining times where meals are available for a few hours during the day whenever you want to come and get them, i.e. breakfast is served for a few hours in the morning and the resident can come whenever suits them during that time. The choices for the meal that day are also presented on a central table in the dining area so you can see what all the choices look like before you order.

As a final note, the attached memory care facility looked very good as well, and I know it will be something that Mom is going to need eventually, so I am happy she will be able to stay in the same complex.

We Choose this facility for...

We Choose this facility for my mother. I visited six total assisted living sites and this was the only facility that I even considered. My mother and I have always shared a very close and loving relationship. She has been a beacon in my life and took great care of me over the years and now it's my turn to make sure she gets the absolute best for her as she progresses with her memory loss. I know that this place is going to help me achieve the goal of making my mothers remaining years as comfortable and spoiled as possible.

Bad Communication

We started off thinking that this is the best we had encountered. It was homey and smaller. We really liked that. We've gotten a lot of mixed information. They're not good at communication. It took the a good three to four weeks to get my mother's medication correct. That was a nightmare. I think they've gotten that together now.

There have been some rude comments by some of the caregivers here and there and no communication as to why these comments are being made. It doesn't seem to be strong leadership there.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you every day. Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while living at an Parmer Woods at North Austin.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Pegasus family. Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.®