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Customer Reviews

They should have more funding

During the short time that my loved one was there, majority of everything was pretty good. The staff was great, outstanding in fact. They worked with me to set things up to get my loved one established there. They went out of their way to make it work. However, there were things that didn’t necessarily meet expectations. My loved one was not impressed by the food, not impressed by the level of maintenance in terms of upkeep (such as paint and carpet, those types of things), and the staff there was great and working very hard with limited resources. It seems that somebody in corporate was restricting their available funds for staff and maintenance. In general the facility overall is great and the staff too, they just need a little bit more funding for staff and resources.

Brookdale, NorthwestRenoNot a Good place to lLive.

I spent seven months at this Brookdale before moving to a different assisted living facility. I think I Should have moved a lot sooner The higher-up Staff is Condescending , and the caregivers don’t care about the residents they Make you Wait a Long time, usually an hour before they answer a page and then they act unfriendly, like they hate their jobs The food service is terrible and you end up waiting 45 minutes to an hour before getting served . the only thing worse in the food service is the food itself ,which is horrible I.would never recommend this place in fact I would recommend just the opposite that if you are thinking of moving to Brookdale northwest Reno. that you should keep looking because they are much better assisted-living facilities out there. This place is really a waste of money. Signed [Removed].

They need help with the food

I really like this facility. The people who work here are lovely and my Mother is enjoying the care. I know that she is safe here and they have a really good nursing staff. It's a very clean facility, but the only problem I have is with the food and staff. The food is always cold even if you go down to the cafeteria and eat. Then the staff, it seems like they have a hard time keeping employees. Don't get me wrong, all the staff members that are here are really nice. I just think the care is compromised and they are having a hard time with the staff to resident workload. I would recommend this community.


First off th facility is way overpriced I stayed there for a year and had problems with disrespectful caregivers , apparently, nothing could be done about it short of me moving out which I did over time I became more and more disappointed in some aspects of living at Brookdale For one the food was often not to my liking he other residents are wonderful and the environment is very pleasant .I would advice people looking around to be very cautious because over time often you’ll find problems here Many residents complain of all different things. Some of this is just human nature I suppose , but I overheard a lot of complaints , hard to say what it means
As I said by the time I left I was disappointed .Especially considering the price

Home for mom

I have put my mother in this community and I'm 50/50 on the care she is getting. The caregivers are doing the basic needs for my wife. My wife has IBS and there are limited options for food if you can't eat what they are serving she gets a turkey sandwich and that gets old. The place is clean. The management is as good as good as it gets. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone I'm looking for other options now as I write this review.

Not very desirable

When I was looking for a home for my mom, this is one of the facilities that I toured and I'm less than impressed. The staff did not appear to be happy to be there, and this was on more than one occasion. Sometimes people have bad days, but the staff looks like they just don't want to be there. The facility is large and overwhelming. The hallways are long and narrow and for someone that's changing environments, it seems like it would be hard to adjust to. It feels closed in and not at all welcoming. There's not much that's bright and cheery about this home.

Comfort for a friend

We are very happy with the community for the great care that the staff offer the residents. The community is clean and maintained. We like that they have good healthy meals that are offered to the residents. They offer activiites to the residents who want to participate. We would recommend the good care with a nice value to other families and loved ones.

A good tour!

My tour of the Brookdale Northwest Reno went very well. When I arrived, there was someone ready to take me on a tour. They were able to answer any questions and take me around the building. It was a good experience.


My Aunt stayed at Brookdale (she called it Brookhell) for a few months and contracted C-Diff while there, amongst other things. I thought the food looked awful too. Her laptop computer was [Removed] from her Brookdale apartment while she was in the hospital. The place is expensive at $4,500+ per month and looks nice on the surface but it is a breeding ground for illness and it's not safe. My Mom and I even got very sick last fall with a gastrointestinal disorder after visiting her at Brookdale. Sadly, my Aunt passed away a few days ago from the C-Diff. If you care about your elderly parents or family members AVOID this place at all costs!

Very good community

Very clean, very nice staff, overall a nice place.

Very Happy!

It was a rough start, but my loved ones were just glad they could be together in the same apartment. They really like the apartment itself, the setup, and the people there seem very kind that is always the worry. Everyone that I have come in contact with is professional but still kind. The place is nicely decorated especially for Christmas. They have activities available and outings such as concerts and movies. We really liked [Removed], she was on the ball the whole time.

Outstanding Care

I am happy with the care that my mom is getting here. The community is very clean. We are happy with the choices with the meals and the variety. She loves the activities and the small field trips. We like that they come and bring her meals to her when she is wanting to be in her room. I was glad to find this community as soon as possible. They are allowing her to have to her her cat and that is so important. I highly recommend the value and the care to other families.

not the right place for everyone

i feel my dad is not reciving the proper care!!! they over promise and under serve! I want my dd out of there ASAP

Spacious and beautiful

The facility is spacious and beautiful. The staff js so polite and helpful. There are quite a few activities the residents can do for fun. Great sense of family.The food here is even decent.

Very good care

Jessica is awesome. My mother seems to be doing okay!

The staff was amazing I would give them above a five.

The staff was amazing I would give them above a five. Compared to others, I think they are above the others. They have a lot of activities, and they post them daily weekly and monthly, and they post them everywhere for everyone to see them. The food is pretty good. I would really like to see maybe just a little more manicuring with the lawn, but they do a good job, they have a gardening club, and it's really beautiful. We liked that it was tucked back a little bit. The staff was by far the best. They will offer the shuttle service in the greater Reno area.

Very pleased with this community

This is a clean, nice looking place, and the staff are very friendly. Overall we're very pleased, and can't really think of any way they could improve!

Beautiful Dining Room with Involved Management

It was very large, several story building and everyone had their own little apartment. Downstairs was a beautiful dining room with linens. There were always two choices with what to have for dinner. The management helped serve the dinner. They were all very involved. There were probably at least 80 residents. On the first floor there was a memory locked down unit, but I didn't like it because it seemed dreary. When my mom had to go into memory care, we selected a different Emeritus.

Really Nice.

This was really nice but the distance was not ideal for me. The people were very nice.