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Customer Reviews

The best community in Garland!

I absolutely LOVE Arbor House of Garland! This company truly "gets" dementia and Alzheimer's care on all levels. They believe in doing what is in the best interest for our residents. They also believe in taking the time to train all of their team members with three days of "hands-on" training to ensure that each team member has the tools needed to take the best of care of our residents. If I were to need a place for my loved ones, Arbor House would be the place I would go. I truly enjoy being a part of this family and love what we do!

Terrible caregivers and management. Wouldn't recommend.

**UPDATE [date removed] - The reply from [name removed], the Executive Director at Garland, is a cut-and-paste from some guy named [name removed] who replied to my Facebook review w/the exact same response. I have no idea who [name removed] is as he does not work at Garland, isn't part of the Executive Team, and appears to only reply to negative reviews. The fact their own management can't/won't respond to these reviews is telling. That and that they refer to a "loved one" as a "POA" (power of attorney) proves they're impersonal. The CEO referred to my Dad as the "POA" on my call with her. As for the reimbursement for the missing items, my Dad asked them for weeks while my stepmom was still a resident to find her missing items and they did nothing. It wasn't until he demanded reimbursement for those missing items AFTER his wife was no longer a resident that the CEO finally obliged, probably because she knew the ED wasn't going to find anything and wanted to be done with it. Despite admitting to or apologizing for wrongdoing, they did refund my Dad for the last 10 days in June that my stepmom was not in the home, after my Dad requested the do so. They've yet to refund the deposit ("community fee"). **

Arbor House Garland is a beautiful home with lovely decor and is very clean, but that's where the positives end.

My stepmom was here for just under four months and after the first two weeks, it was nothing but problems with the caregivers and management. The first issue occurred when they allowed my her to run out of her much-needed meds and didn't bother to reach out to hospice or my Dad to let him know. (For anyone who has a loved one with dementia/Alzheimer's, you know that a disruption in meds is serious.) The only reason he knew something was off was that she was acting agitated, hallucinating, and crying for no reason and not allowing the caregivers to change her one night. When he asked if she had taken her meds that day, the caregiver nonchalantly told him she had run out the day before. The head nurse and hospice both visited with my Dad and assured him it would never happen again, and it didn't. However, the nurses/caregivers often did not follow hospice's instructions on when/how her meds should be administered the rest of the time my stepmom was in their care.

Other issues included:

1) Allowing my stepmom to sleep outside for three hours when it was 95º. It may have been longer had another resident's loved one not called my Dad to let him know what was going on. She was still outside when my he arrived and was very hot. When my Dad complained to the caregiver, she claimed they left her out there because they couldn't wake her up. No one bothered to get a nurse or doctor to check my stepmom out to make sure she was okay. This was reported to the Executive Director but nothing was done to rectify the incident. Weeks later when my Dad listed this as one of the many reasons he was moving her out in an email to the Executive Director (CCed to the Regional Director or the CEO), only the ED replied and none of them bothered to address this or any of the reasons he was abruptly moving her. That was on [date removed]. After my Dad asked for a refund for his deposit and 10 days in June my stepmom was not there - citing neglect and breach of contract - the CEO finally got involved and she too had little compassion or concern for what my Dad or his wife had gone through. On [date removed], the Executive Director called my Dad to discuss a refund at which time she made excuses for everything and told him that the day my stepmom was asleep outside in the heat, they had a video of her coming in several times to get water. She said on the phone and in an email [date removed] that she would "gladly" set up a time with my Dad the following week to review the video. This never happened. My Dad called her bluff and emailed about it again on [date removed]. That's when the Regional Director (who hadn't been involved at this point) replied and said the video had been written over. We don't believe there ever was a video or that my stepmom ever came in to ask for water. She has late-stage dementia and is unable to communicate like that. Besides, had there been a video backing up their claim, they would've have shown it to my Dad weeks prior when he reported the incident or at least when he said he was moving her out. This incident, in particular, was the last straw and the ultimate reason my Dad moved her out as quickly as he could, as he feared for his wife's safety.

2) The A/C was out for several weeks during the heatwave where temps reached the high 90s, maybe even triple digits. My Dad asked for weeks when it would be fixed, only to get excuse after excuse. When I mentioned this on my call with the CEO on [date removed], she was oblivious about the A/C having been out and indicated she had not been informed of this issue, which means the Executive Director and/or Regional Director failed to tell her. Either way, they dropped the ball (again).

3) My stepmom's clothes, towels, and bedding constantly went missing, despite having her name on everything, and were never found. When my Dad would tell the caregivers about it and ask them to look for the items, they'd claim they couldn't go into other rooms and look for stuff due to privacy reasons. The Executive Director was no help either, no matter how many times my Dad complained/asked about the missing items the money he was losing because of their incompetence. It got so bad, my Dad started taking clothes and stuff home to wash them himself just to ensure they weren't lost. On July 6, over two weeks after he took my stepmom out of there, my Dad requested reimbursement for the missing items. The Executive Director told him she and her team would look for the items for a week and mail what they found. The next day, the CEO offered a reimbursement for the items, probably because she knew as well as we did, the ED wasn't going to locate them.

These are only *some* of the issues that arose in the short time (4 months) my stepmom was at Arbor House Garland. Overall, they did not follow through with their verbal or contractual promises/obligations. Most of their caregivers acted unprofessional, ill-mannered and inexperienced. After dealing with management (Executive Director of Garland, Texas Regional Director, and the CEO) these past two weeks, I found they were no better, which may explain the high turnover my Dad witnessed in four months. Their responses to my Dad's and my emails were condescending, dismissive and rude. The CEO and Executive Director were even worse on the phone.

I wouldn't let Arbor House take care of my houseplants, let alone a loved one. We don't trust them. Mind you, we can only speak for the memory care side but given how bad the management is, I can't imagine the assisted living side is any better. If you are seeking a memory care home for your loved one, make sure and do your homework and ask all your questions up front and in writing. Don't just go off what you see online or what the Marketing person tells you or how pretty the place looks. Be sure you meet ALL staff who will be involved in your loved one's care, directly and indirectly, particularly the Executive Director, head nurse, and whoever is in charge of the caregivers. VISIT OFTEN and stay for a while and observe not just how *your* loved one is being treated but how others are being treated as well. People with dementia and Alzheimer's don't really have a voice so it's up to their loved ones to make sure their loved ones are being taken care of properly in their final years.

Rooms too small. Too few residents and rent high for what you get.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and for touring our community.
Have a blessed day!

They were open to all my questions

While looking for a place for my loved one, I was given a list of recommendations to call and tour. A few people actually gave me good reviews on this facility. I was provided good information and I was conversing with one of the representatives that were very open to answering all of my questions versus some other locations that I was trying to work with. It made me feel comfortable knowing more information and getting answers to the questions that I had. The staff team here is good at keeping us updated, they offer a lot of different activities that even the residents’ families can participate in, and they involve my loved one. Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming. The activities that they offer are regularly posted on the calendar to keep everyone updated. They have things like exercise programs, word games, and crafts. The cleaning team is good at keeping everything organized and debris free. I know that they take out the trash every day or every other day and assist with the laundry every third day. My loved one tells me that the food that they serve is good and she likes it. The menu changes daily and the tenants get vegetable and fruits throughout the day so they are getting their nutrition. All in all this is a great facility with professional staff.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

Thank you so much! Arbor House is very appreciative of your positive feedback. Robin Medders, Executive Director.

Caring, Thoughtful Staff

My sister is doing very well here in this community. This community is working out well, and I'am very satisfied with her move here. She is safe, and in great hands. They have an extremely thoughtful, caring staff. They are taking great care of her. The community is well-kept whenever I visit. They do provide nice meals, and offer good activities for the residents. I have already recommended this community to my friends, and highly recommend it to anyone.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

Thank you so much for you kind words. We are so pleased to hear everything is going well with mom!

Robin Medders
Executive Director

Things are not going very well!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and things have not been going the best for her. The staff are very organized and the management have been difficult to work with. The quality of the food has been poor and my mother is not impressed with it. I also am disappointed in the lack of activities they have for the residents throughout the week. The community is a newer one so I am hoping they get a grip on things sooner than later.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

We are extremely sorry things are not going well. Steven Lee , Executive Director is available at anytime to discuss concerns your mother or you may have. Arbor House strives in making everyone happy.

Did not like the pricing structure

We really liked this community a lot. It is a brand new facility it's decorated very nice nothing out of place extremely clean. The director is very personable and the staff is friendly and helpful. I liked the options that were given however what I did not like was the pricing structure it was based on the tiering system. The staff does their own evaluation of the resident's needs and the staff bases what tier they fall into with no input from the family.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

We are extremely excited that you enjoyed visiting and touring Arbor House. However, I am afraid you may have been misinformed on how evaluations are done. I would love the opportunity to speak with you to make sure the information you have is correct. Evaluations are done with input from the potential resident and family. We at Arbor House feel no one knows a potential resident more than themselves and loved ones. Please feel free to contact our Marketing Director, Robin directly @ [removed].

Short time care for my husband

We like the care at this community. The staff was nice and caring.My husband was not here very long, but it was a good experience. We like that this community. They menu was appealing. The community has activities that are offered for the residents that want to a participant. I would recommend the care of this community for the care of a loved one.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

We are glad you had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your kind words.


We were looking a Assisted Living/Memory care close by. They were very welcoming and informed us on may things. We had to put dad in the Memory Care after all. They were very helpful in the adjustment to this new part of our lives.

Robin Medders

Local Representative

We are so glad you had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for choosing Arbor House of Garland.

From the Community

Assisted Living
Arbor House Assisted Living is about personal freedom and choices. You can choose more than just an apartment ... you choose to live in the carefree, comforts of home while maintaining your dignity and independence.

Memory Care
We specialize in caring for those who are walking the journey with a dementia causing disease such as Alzheimer's. We are committed to supporting both the individual with the diagnosis and all those affected by it.