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Medicare in Lincoln

Of the almost 300,000 residents that live in Lincoln and Lancaster County, over 40,000 rely on Medicare for their health care needs. Most of those people are also seniors, and if you have questions about your coverage or want to learn more about Medicare, you can use these online resources.

What Does Medicare Cover?

There are four essential parts to Medicare, and each part takes care of different health needs. Seniors who are 65 and older, as well as certain individuals with disabilities, are eligible for Medicare.

Part A covers inpatient care and expenses. These services include things like hospital stays or skilled nursing facilities. It can also cover some in-home care services.

Part B is for medical services you might need. Things like doctor’s appointments, medical equipment, outpatient services, and preventative care fall into this category.

Part C is often called the Medicare Advantage Plan, and it allows private insurance companies to offer

Part A and B services while also providing their own prescription coverage.

Part D is for those on Medicare that don’t use Part C but still want prescription coverage. It is an add-on to Part A and B.

Medicare Data for Lancaster County

Lancaster County has a low per capita cost at $7,902. The national per capita cost is $9,501.

Prices have increased by 4.7% between 2007 and 2014.

48.4% of beneficiaries had high blood pressure in 2014, and it was the most prevalent condition that year.

Lancaster County has higher rates of schizophrenia, atrial fibrillation, and depression than national rates.

Medicare in Lancaster County spent the largest amount of money on Part B drugs for each user.

Location of Medicare Offices in Lincoln

Each state belongs to a given region and for Nebraska that is Region 7. The office for Region 7 is in Kansas City, but there are local offices that can help with any Medicare needs. For Lincoln, seniors can find Medicare services at the Social Security Administration office. This office handles applying for benefits, new Medicare cards, and any other information you might need.

Lincoln Social Security Office

Room 240

100 Centennial Mall N.

Lincoln, NE 68508

(866) 593-2880

The Social Security office is in the same building as a few other government offices off the corner of O Street and Centennial Mall. You must have a photo id to get inside the building, and an appointment is highly suggested. The office is open between the house of 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday but they close at noon on Wednesdays.

Locating A Medicare Provider in Lincoln

You can use the Physician Compare tool to find Medicare-approved providers in your area. There are hundreds of primary care physicians within 15 miles of Lincoln. Most of them accept Medicare, but the type they use might differ from practice to practice.

You can narrow or change your search and find physicians with different specialties like internal medicine or family practitioner. Another feature of this search tool is that you can learn more about each doctor simply by clicking on their name. You can see where their office is, find out if they have hospital privileges and where, and see all the doctors in their practice. For now, you can only search group practitioners, but Medicare is working on adding only doctors.

Nursing Home Compare is another helpful resource that allows you to search for approved facilities in the area. Right now, there are 17 nursing homes within 25 miles of Lincoln. You can compare up to three facilities at a time and see their overall rating and past health inspections. There are more search tools for things like rehabilitative services, medical equipment, home healthcare, and more.

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