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Medicaid in Lincoln

Americans care about the most vulnerable residents of our great nation. Medicaid is an example of how we all contribute to ensuring that everyone has access to the medical care that they need regardless of the ability to pay.

Many Nebraska state residents use the benefits that Medicaid provides to stay healthy and get treated for life-threatening illnesses. More than half of nursing home residents in Nebraska rely on Medicaid to finance all or part of their nursing and other routine medical care.

While Medicaid is considered a program that is designed for the over 65 crowd, it also gives access to critical care for broad categories of people who could not otherwise afford medical care.

Recently arrived undocumented immigrants can receive every possible medical treatment regardless of cost. Pregnant women may qualify for a free post and pre-natal care. Almost anyone who meets certain medical and financial requirements can take full advantage of the Medicaid system Americans so generously contribute to.

If you think you need the help that Medicaid provides, or may need it soon, keep reading to learn about what services Medicaid provides and:

How to start the application process

About transportation services, you may qualify for

Who can qualify for Medicaid coverage

Qualifying for Medicaid in Lincoln

The first thing anyone who wants to apply for the Nebraska Medicaid program should do is visit the Medicaid prescreening page and check if meet the minimum guidelines for entry into the program.

You can qualify for Medicaid if you’re aged 65 and older, or:

It’s anticipated that you’ll be disabled for at least one year

You’ll need at least 30 days of continuous care

You are low-income

Seniors who own homes may worry that this will disqualify them, but this isn’t usually a problem. The value of your home isn’t a consideration when your eligibility is being determined.

Assistance with Your Lincoln Medicaid Application

Before you seek assistance, you should visit the Nebraska Medicaid AccessNebraska website and fill out the online application.

Fill out all the information to the best of your ability, and if there are any places where you get hung up, or don’t understand what is being asked, you can find help at:

Eligibility assistance (855) 632-7633

In Lincoln (402) 473-7000

In Omaha (402) 595-1178

What Does Lincoln Medicaid Cover?

Nebraska Medicaid will provide members with comprehensive coverage for almost any necessary medical treatment. From nursing home care to childbirth and everything in between, including:

All kinds of diagnostic tests

Any necessary surgeries

Rehabilitative care

Any prescription drugs

Nebraska Medicaid will also cover the cost of hospice care for Medicaid recipients near the end of their lives. Seniors who don’t have the financial means to cover the cost of nursing facility care can apply to have those costs covered by the program as well.

Transportation to Lincoln Medical Appointments

Medicaid will cover the cost of transportation to pre-scheduled medical appointments either by reimbursing you for any costs or by providing non-emergency medical transportation.

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