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Lincoln Veterans Benefits

Since veterans have served our country, they earn different benefits. These benefits include things like health care and employment programs. Here in Lincoln, some resources and services can help veterans in the area find access to health care programs that can assist with everything from primary care to mental health or even substance abuse issues. There are also job services that can help veterans find career training and businesses that will hire veterans.

Health Care for Lincoln Veterans

One of the benefits that veterans receive is health care, but sadly, some veterans don’t realize they are eligible for this care or know what it covers. The VA states that any active duty military member or veterans with a discharge of anything but dishonorable are eligible for health care benefits. That includes members of the National Guard or Reserve that served during a federally ordered service period. Applications are accepted based on priority group.

VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System provides care for Lincoln veterans at their Omaha office. Geriatric veterans can find access to in-home care programs, hospice services, adult day care centers, mental wellness checks, and supportive services for their caretakers. There is a clinic in Lincoln that handles things like primary care, prescriptions, and other services in the area.

Another service veterans can use through the VA health care system is the Medical Foster Home Program. Veterans that need long-term care but want something different than a nursing home can use this program and be placed with a carefully selected caregiver. The senior will live in the caretaker’s home and receive meals, daily care, and transportation to medical appointments as necessary.

Housing for Lincoln Veterans

Veterans in the Lincoln area can receive some assistance with their housing needs from the government. First, there is a Federal Home Loan Program that can help first time home buyers purchase a house. Nebraska also has a homestead tax exemption for certain qualified veterans as well as an exclusion military retirement pay from income tax.

Veterans can also use the Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund. This fund is temporary assistance for veterans, their spouses, and dependents when there is an unforeseen emergency. Military members can use the aid for things like food, fuel, shelter, clothes, medical and surgical items.

For veterans that are homeless or could become homeless in the foreseeable future, CenterPointe offers veterans services. These include things like transitional housing as well as permanent living residences.

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans also lists several local agencies that can help homeless veterans including Houses of Hope, Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program, and People’s City Mission.

Other Veteran Resources in Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has veteran’s services that can help military members use their GI bill and continue their education. There is student aid, scholarships, and other GI benefits.

Veterans seeking employment can find a list of job fairs in Nebraska through the Nebraska Department of Veteran’s Affairs. This page also includes links to local job postings and places veterans can get career training, job assistance, participate in workshops, and learn more about the transition into civilian life.

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