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Lincoln Senior Centers

Seniors often struggle to find things to occupy their time. They might spend a considerable amount of time going and doing the things they never got to while they were working, such as traveling, spending time with family, and having some time alone. Once the excitement wears off, though, many are left feeling like there is nothing left to do. Lincoln offers several senior centers and groups that provide retired adults with activities to occupy their time. Play games, attend classes, stay fit, or simply find friends, and you will now have things to keep you busy for the duration.

Finding Games to Play

If you are looking to play games with others, speak with your senior center advisor about the daily options available. You can play chess, pool, billiards, cards, board games, and more. Find someone to play with and enjoy a game or two anytime you arrive at the center.

Finding Classes

Classes provide the chance to continue learning and exploring new avenues. If you want to further your education, check out the course options through your senior center and see what they offer. Many provide cooking classes, gardening, arts and crafts, computer courses, and more.

Finding Fitness Opportunities

The Aging Partners Health and Fitness Program dedicates itself to providing risk assessment and injury prevention for seniors. The Center, located at 233 S. 10th St. Suite 101, provides fitness opportunities for people of all ages, with a particular focus on ages 60 and over. There are class offerings for those who want to participate with others, or you can use the available gym equipment to work out by yourself.

Finding Stage Performances

Some centers may offer stage performances, dance classes, and similar options. If you want to try your hand on the stage, look into class options and see what is available. Otherwise, you can check out other local options, such as theater companies, to see if they have class choices for you to participate in throughout the year. They may have special opportunities for seniors to enjoy.

Finding Friends

If friends are what you are after, try looking into a meetup group. These groups meet regularly throughout the month and allow you to join in on some fun activities with other people. Adult recreational social sports, meditation classes, a coffee and coding group, ladies wine group, and more exist in the area. You can also just stick to the senior center and meet with friends there if you feel more comfortable in that setting.

Finding New Sights to See

Day trip tours take you to see some of the sights in town and nearby cities. There have to be at least 20 people to make the trip happen. Call 402-441-7158 if you want to go to be sure to save yourself a spot for the next opportunity. You can also contact your senior center to see if there are additional tour groups in the area. You may be able to tag along during the next opportunity and explore.

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