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Lincoln Rehab Centers

Nursing homes provide short-term rehab care for patients who need help transitioning home from a hospital stay, injury, illness, stroke, or heart attack. Nursing homes provide the needed therapy and care to help you regain your independence. As you recover, you can also participate in the community’s activities and meals. Here are some things to consider as you look into rehab care in Lincoln.

Rehab Expectations

People go to rehab for a transition period before going home to regain strength, mobility, and wellness. When you first arrive, the staff will evaluate your condition and work with your doctor to create the best therapy, wellness, and care plan to get you back on your feet.

Care plans will vary based on your condition. For example, stroke patients may need to focus more on speech while a hip replacement patient needs to regain mobility and manage pain. Your therapy may be daily or a couple of times a week, depending on your condition, therapist availability, and doctor’s orders.

Looking for a Rehab Facility

You can find nursing homes and assisted living communities that provide rehab in Lincoln. rated these two facilities favorably:

Gramercy Hill offers a vibrant environment to regain strength. They will work with you or your loved one to regain strength, wellness, and independence. Gramercy Hill won’s 2017 Best of Senior Living Award.

The Windcrest on Van Dorn caters care to each through a variety of therapy services to help maintain the highest level of independence through regained strength.

Your doctor can also provide you recommendations. Also, ask around for referrals from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other acquaintances.

What to Look for in a Rehab Center

Make sure this facility has an excellent reputation. Ask to see state inspection reports and check for online reviews. Take a tour of the community before your stay if possible and see if you feel comfortable with the staff since you will be interacting with them daily. Be sure that the facility is Medicare-certified.

Paying for Care

Medicare will cover skilled nursing care if:

You have Medicare Part A coverage.

You have days available within this benefit period.

Your condition requires rehab.

You stayed in the hospital for three straight days.

Your doctor writes a prescription for rehab services.

Be sure your facility accepts Medicare before choosing a location. Medicare does not cover every service, so be sure to check. Long-term care insurance or Medicaid may be options if you don’t qualify for Medicare.

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