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Lincoln In-Home Care

Everyone enjoys the security and familiarity of the family home. Many studies have proven this to be the case.

For example, a survey of senior preferences by AARP demonstrated that over 70% of seniors plan on spending their later years living in their home. The desire to remain home also increases with time.

The percent of retirees over age sixty-five who express a desire to stay home goes up to almost 90%.

Lincoln seniors are lucky that they have many in-home care options and other resources available to make that possible.

In Lincoln, retirees who desire to stay in their old neighborhoods and surroundings will easily be able to keep the same quality of life they’re used to while staying in their family home.

Nebraska In-home care is a Tool for your Senior Care

Nebraska retirees can access close to twenty home health care services that can provide the in-home care Lincoln seniors need. Be confident that the in-home care you’ll get from Lincoln in-home care agencies is top quality. All in-home care agencies need to be certified to provide home health aides or homemaker services and meet stringent Nebraska State requirements.

Lincoln seniors who are low-income or at risk of being placed in a nursing facility can apply for help from Nebraska State to pay for in-home help. Nebraska Medicaid provides payment for in-home health care for eligible, low-income Lincoln seniors.

Lincoln seniors can also rely on concierge and delivery services to get their errands done, complete chores or arrange transportation.

Check out errand services like:

TaskRabbit which will deliver groceries to your home.

Rover a pet walking service.

You can use Amazon Prime Now to have any Amazon purchase delivered to your home in an hour. Things you can have delivered include:

Comestibles and dry goods

Pet supplies

Home electronics and computer peripherals

In-Home Care is an Option for Lincoln Seniors

In Lincoln, the rates for home health aides are very close to the cost of homemaker services. Annually, home health aides or homemaker service in Nebraska will cost about $55,000 per year. Compared with a median cost of almost $90,000 per year to live in a Nebraska nursing home, a home health aide or homemaker helper can be a more affordable choice for the care you need.

Something to keep in mind; a home health aide will provide critical health monitoring and perform routine medical tasks that homemaker help service can’t.

To learn about what families expect to receive from agencies in Henderson, I looked into the reviews written by real people.

Some expectations mentioned by reviewers were:

Easy transitions when there’s a staff change, no matter that it’s due to personality issues or similar problems “I used a service that went out of business and Right at Home took my regular aide and brought them into their company,” wrote a Right at Home client.

Nebraska home health aides are thoroughly trained according to Nebraska state standards that include a requirement that they work at least one year in a hospital or senior residential facility and must be certified to work with seniors in their homes.

In-Home Care Services in Lincoln

In-home care services will provide retirees many kinds of home help in Nebraska.

Homemaker service or home health aide providers can assist seniors with things like bathing, taking medication, or help with cleaning.

Lincoln In-Home Care As You Need It

Nebraska in-home care services can offer you a range of bespoke schedules tailored to your particular needs.

Nebraska family caregivers can also arrange for respite care. When a family caregiver is absent, respite care will provide in-home help until they return. From just a few hours to weeks, respite care will cover gaps in the in-home care schedule.

An advantage of using respite care is that you can use it as a way to audition an agency you’re thinking of using. This can help people new to using in-home care. Respite care will let you know what you can expect when using an in-home care service for in-home care.

Lincoln seniors can also use part-time care to make their schedule more flexible if they don’t need help continuously.

You can arrange anywhere from hours to days of in-home help during the week. Depending on your needs, you can use part-time help to cover the periods when you know you need help the most.

Contracting for full-time or live-in care is another option for retirees who have little independence left but are determined to remain at home and near family.

Lincoln In-Home Care Agencies

Lincoln seniors have a couple of choices to pick from when deciding on in-home care.

Seniors can use a service agency for needed in-home care, and the agency will handle insurance, salaries concerns, tax liabilities, and staff for when your regular carer is absent, and ensuring that employees are vetted for qualifications and criminal history investigations.

Of course, you can also have someone of your choosing provide care for you. You can hire someone from a classified ad or ask a family member to provide in-home care services directly to you.

Hiring someone is a money-saving option for many seniors. Keep in mind that hiring someone directly will make you responsible for figuring payroll taxes, and arranging your own replacements when your regular carer is out.

Paying For Lincoln In-Home Care

A Long-term care policy is a great way to ensure you get the care you need to be covered financially. If you meet the requirements of the policy and you need in-home care for daily activities, then long-term care insurance will pay your in-home care expenses.

Low-income Lincoln seniors can also use Nebraska State Medicaid to pay for all or part of their in-home care service. U.S. combat vets who are eligible can use VA Aid and Attendance pension to cover the cost of home care.

Lincoln seniors that own a home can get a reverse mortgage to pay the cost of in-home care.  A whole life insurance policy can also be cashed out for the necessary funds.

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