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Lincoln Hospice Care

Finally reaching the end of your life is a hard prospect, both for you and your family members. Luckily, Lincoln seniors have a huge choice of hospice care service options that can aid them during this emotionally difficult experience.

Even though it is usually assumed that hospice is a specific location where seniors are cared for during their last days, this isn’t always the case.

Hospice care services will aid you and your family’s needs wherever you happen to be.

Hospice services can be provided in your home, senior residence community, and of course, a medical setting. Hospice service is critical in providing valuable medical and psychological support during a time that can last from weeks to months.

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Who Provides Lincoln Hospice Service?

The hospice service team will consist of a number of medical professionals who will work together to make sure the highest level of comfort and pain-relief is available during the hospice time.

The leader of the team is the hospice doctor.

He will guide medical personnel in treating any chronic or acute conditions you suffer from and keeping your discomfort to a minimum.

Hospice nurses will carry out the doctor’s instructions regarding drugs and monitor medical equipment such as IVs and electrocardiogram stations. The nurse will also monitor your vital signs and tell the doctor if you show signs of distress.

Counselors and social workers will give you and your loved ones as much emotional support and information about the dying process as they are able. Counselors, in particular, are a valuable source of counseling to help your family come to terms with your approaching death.

Homemaker and home health aides will do the vital function of relieving your family of chores and errands so they can spend as much time as they can with you.

Aides will do errands, housework, cook meals, and lend a hand wherever possible to ease the load on your family during this hard time.

How Do You Find Hospice Care in Lincoln?

Your doctor can provide you a long list of hospice service and palliative care providers he’s familiar with, but there are other resources to find the best hospice care. is a massive source for all kinds of senior resources and information. Use to find a list of customer-reviewed hospice care service providers near you.

The Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Association website has information about all aspects of hospice care and a referral service that will set you on the right path.

Eligible veterans can find out what hospice care is provided by the Veteran’s Administration health care service.

Paying For Hospice Care

Medicare Part A covers hospice care as a part of your health care plan.

Most private insurance policies have provisions for hospice care as well, and eligible veterans will have access to the VA health care system provided hospice care.

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