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Lincoln Funeral Homes

Selecting a funeral home and the services they offer is much more than choosing from a list of package deals. You need to follow your own budget and guidelines for what you genuinely want for your loved one. Stick to your values and do not let anyone, professional or otherwise, deter you from your goals. Many Lincoln funeral homes will help you come to the right conclusions as long as you have a set idea in mind to present them with from the beginning.

Federal and State Funeral Home Regulations

Nebraska has laws set regarding funeral homes and what customers can and cannot choose when picking services. Federal laws also exist to ensure consumers can feel comfortable with their choices during the process and not get pressured into purchasing hefty package deals that they do not necessarily need. Obtaining a written statement of prices, using your own casket or urn, choosing an alternative container for cremation, and selecting individual services rather than full-package options are just a few of the rights you have as detailed by the Federal Trade Commission.

Embalming is one of the biggest concerns of many people. Some funeral homes say you have to get this process done as it helps to preserve the body. While this is true, you are not legally obligated to follow through with the procedure. As long as the body only remains at the home for a couple of days, no embalming is necessary.

Choosing the Ideal Funeral Home Based on Your Criteria

It is best to start searching for a funeral parlor before you need one. Doing so ensures you have a place in mind and ready to use as soon as your loved one has departed. Begin by setting a list of criteria that you cannot defer from in your search. Pick what you are most looking for, and which aspects you can be lenient on instead. You can search the Better Business Bureau to see which local options are accredited and which are not.

The Nebraska Funeral Directors Association provides a list of funeral homes online. Scour through the options to see which places are located near you. The listed locations meet the criteria set by the association, and all have passed licensing requirements. They get listed by county and city so you can find your local options easier. Lincoln has five options included in the database, including Lincoln Family Funeral Care and Wyuka Funeral Home and Cemetery.

Keeping Your Funeral Costs Affordable

What you can afford and what you can indeed spend are two different things. Not many people have the money to pay for a full-service funeral with all the fixings. You need to decide which aspects mean the most to you, such as the casket your loved one will get buried in or the service itself. Spend the most on the area you see fit and save in other ways. If the casket is what means the most, try looking online and elsewhere to find a more affordable option that is still unique and beautiful. You may be able to save big.

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