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Lincoln Family Caregiver Benefits

A family caregiver often has a lot on their plate, and if they don’t have some assistance, they could run the risk of burning out.  There are more caregivers now than ever because more seniors are retiring and using their family members as their primary source of care.  Fortunately, caregiver resources and support has also grown over the years, and you can start with some of these services here in Lincoln.

Alzheimer’s Association Nebraska Chapter

Being a caregiver for a relative with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia is physically and emotionally draining.  That’s why the Alzheimer’s Association makes sure to provide support programs and services specifically designed for caregivers.  The Nebraska Chapter serves the entire state, but there is also an office in Lincoln.

An easy way to find support is through a support group for caregivers.  During meetings, you can connect with other caregivers and share their triumphs and struggles.  It’s also a good time to share your experience and knowledge with newer caregivers and learn from those with more experience.  There are a few meetings in Lincoln, and if you need respite care to attend a meeting, you can contact the group facilitator to see if they have any options.

The Alzheimer’s Association makes sure to provide as much education as possible to caregivers so they can do their job effectively.  There are plenty of free training courses in Lincoln that teach about things like the basics of Alzheimer’s or living as a caregiver for Alzheimer’s.  There are also online courses if you can’t make it to any of the actual course events.  

Caregivers can also benefit from a care consultation.  A trained professional will meet with you and your loved one and decide what services you need most.  They can help you create a care plan that caters to your needs and schedule.  You can also contact the 24-hour helpline at (800) 272-3900 or visit the online caregiver resource center for additional support.

Lincoln Aging Partners

Lincoln Aging Partners serves as the Area Agency on Aging, and they have tools that can help caregivers with their job.  They have various consultations and counseling services like Stress Management Tips and a Health and Lifestyle Assessment.  They also provide respite care services and supplemental programs like transportation to appointments and meal delivery.  You can call (402) 441-7575 to set up an appointment or learn more information.

Nebraska-Western Iowa VA Healthcare System

Even if you’re not a veteran yourself, if you care for a veteran, you can use the VA healthcare system to find caregiver services in your area.  They provide things like:

Caregiver Helpline to assist when you have questions or to lend a listening ear

Caregiver support groups led by other caregivers so new and experienced caregivers can connect

Caregiver Support Coordinator- A trained professional that will match you with services you need

Respite care in the form of adult day care centers or in-home care

Hospice care if needed

Telehealth system for seniors that can’t leave their home

There are more services and if you want to find the ones available in Lincoln just call the Caregiver Support Coordinator at (402) 346-8800.

Additional Caregiver Services in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides respite care for caregivers.  This service allows them to take a break and recharge and helps diminish the likelihood of caregiver burnout.  Call (866) 737-7483 to find out more information.  Nebraska Care Planning Council has online information for caregivers on topics like long-term care planning and other additional senior services.  You can also visit the National Center on Caregiving for other Nebraska caregiver services.

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