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Lincoln Alzheimer’s Care

People with Alzheimer’s require memory care to help keep the mind as healthy as possible. The disease will fully take over eventually, but adequate care can prolong the progression. There are support groups in the Lincoln area that give patients and their caregivers the tools and information they need to address any concerns and get care covered. There are support groups for both parties to attend where guidance is offered by others who know the struggle.

All About Alzheimer’s in Lincoln

The maximum price for a private nursing home room reaches $600 per day.

557 deaths occurred in Nebraska in one year alone.

Medicaid spends $302 million on average for Alzheimer’s care costs.

92,000,000 unpaid hours of caregiving time went unpaid in just one year.

81,000 caregivers provide services in the state of Nebraska. Thousands of them are in Lincoln.

Caregivers spend $54,000,000 in health care costs.

The Nebraska Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association has an office in Lincoln.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in Nebraska.

Handling Alzheimer’s Care in Lincoln

A typical nursing home may not be the ideal location for Alzheimer’s patients. It is best to find a facility that offers memory care on-site. If they do have this option, you can rest assured the place is well-equipped to handle any and all memory-related needs. The nurses and staff remain available throughout the entire day to offer round-the-clock care to those who need it. Meals also get provided, and residents can attend activities and stay active and engaged. Most activities include arts and crafts, games, and fitness. The primary goal is to keep residents in a safe and encouraging environment.

Basic daily assistance also gets offered. Related services may include helping a person bathe or assisting them in the restroom. These daily tasks may seem easy to those who are not suffering, but it can prove tough for seniors who are having trouble aging. Alzheimer's patients require routine care when it comes to the stage of the disease where nearly nothing is remembered.

An adult day care center offers an entirely different setting. This option often gets utilized when a family caregiver must work for the day, or otherwise needs a break. It falls under the same category as respite care. There are daily exercises, wellness checks, monitoring of chronic health conditions, mental health support groups, and much more. Each person also has their own social worker to provide case management and ensure their health and well-being is under control.

Related Care Costs

Nebraska has slightly higher costs for care than the average state in the U.S. If you want homemaker services, you will have to pay $22 per hour. The price jumps to $24 per hour for a home health aide. The difference is due to the added services an aide provides, such as personal care, physical therapy, and medication management.

If you choose to stay in a nursing home, you will want to consider which room option you will choose carefully. Do you want a private room to yourself or are you okay with a semi-private suite shared with a roommate?  A private room costs $85,866 per year. Going with the roommate lets you save a few thousand. The yearly amount only reaches past $78,000.

Finding Ways to Pay

Affording care in Lincoln can prove tricky, especially for those with low income. The task is not impossible though, as there are numerous methods out there for making payments more affordable. It is just a matter of finding options in the area that can be utilized.

Medicare and Medicaid

The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services is the place to go for information regarding Medicaid. Low-income families may apply for this type of insurance to have their monetary demands lessened for Alzheimer’s care. The number to call for questions is 1-855-632-7633. Medicare is another option. The federally funded program provides health coverage to seniors, often age 64 and older.

Those that do not meet the qualifications for low-income insurance may search their area for other options. These possibilities may cost money to receive a policy, but it will be worth it for the amount of coverage provided. The Alzheimer’s Association discusses insurance options to help explain the various choices in an easy-to-understand way. Life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and government programs all need to be looked into when making the decision.

Savings Opportunities

There are numerous ways to save on costs that can help make the amount more worthwhile. The first thing you should check into is a double-occupancy room. Most facilities offer this type so roommates can share the burden of expenses. You still receive some privacy in the bedroom portion of the suite, but the remainder of the space gets shared. When one person has a family member over to visit, the other can spend time elsewhere completing activities or sitting in the main hall. Many roommates become close friends, so it is nice to know you could have a companion to share with during your time in the nursing home. The option saves thousands of dollars, so it is definitely a win-win.

You can also save by cutting out the amenities. Most facilities offer a package deal with all amenities included. You do not have to select this option. Ask about other packages and discover which features do not get provided in a lesser deal. You can cut out trips to the ice cream parlor or group traveling if you want to save on costs. You do not have to go for the meal option either. You can pay out of pocket for your own food when you see fit. Do whatever it takes to save and make things the most convenient for you.

Paying for Lincoln Alzheimer’s care is no easy feat. Check into all of your options so you know you are getting the best deal possible. By using insurance, sharing a room, and cutting out some of the amenities, you can get a more affordable yearly price for your nursing home stay.

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