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How to Get Around Lincoln Without Driving

The capital of Nebraska and spanning 93 square miles, Lincoln offers plenty of land that people can hike, bike, and walk. Green space and trails are not all the city have to offer, though, making it sometimes necessary to rent transportation services to reach farther destinations. You can take a bus, taxi, or senior shuttle service to make it to your target stop.

StarTran Bus Service

Lincoln employs its own bus service that residents and tourists alike can utilize. StarTran has a trip planning algorithm that allows you to find a route based on the details you enter. If you want it to include less walking, select that option. If you prefer fewer transfers, that is a possibility as well. You also get to choose whether you want to leave now or sometime later in the day. Weekday and Saturday service differs, so you need to plan your day accordingly so you know you will arrive at your destination on time.

Happy Cab Company

The Happy Cab Company is happy to be one of the leaders in taxi services in Lincoln. The company has stands located around the city where you can go to wait for the next available driver. The cab stands sit near the airport, the Hilton, the Doubletree, the bus station, and the Amtrak, giving you access to a taxi if you need it when either coming or going. If you need a ride immediately, you can instead use either the telephone or online options to request service. Their number is (402) 202-2222.

Leisure Limousine and Sedan

Rather than ride in a yellow taxi, you can ride in style. Leisure offers sophisticated limousines and stylish Sedans to make your ride much more comfortable and appealing. Whether you want a night out on the town, to make it to the grocery store, or take a winery tour, your driver will take you anywhere you want to go. There are point-to-point options, or you can rent the vehicle hourly.

Senior Transit

Seniors in need of transportation can consult with their local Area Agency on Aging. The organization works to provide information and assistance to the elderly in every city across the United States. The Lincoln area has ten different senior centers with people ready to help. Transportation is provided to these centers so older adults in the area needing to get to one of the locations can make it there within operating hours. There are also day trips planned for 20 or more people to bring a group into the city for some fun.

Online Resources for Lincoln Transportation Services

The Nebraska Department of Roads focuses on safety in the state throughout all means of transportation. Their website gives you access to lots of valuable information, including a link to to the 511 traveler information page. Traffic speeds, road conditions, and construction projects all get detailed on the website to help you find out which streets to avoid and which transit service will work best on that particular day.

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