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Top Lexington Senior Discounts

Lexington is home to many historical and cultural sites and as a senior, you get the distinct privilege of experiencing all of these things at a discounted rate. Now that you’re in retirement, take the time to explore your city and learn more about all of the things going on in Lexington. Here are just a few places you can visit for free or use your senior discount.

Kentucky Horse Park

It’s impossible to go anywhere in Kentucky and not be near a horse and at the Kentucky Horse Park you will be in the company of these beautiful animals and the history that surrounds them. The Horse park offers museums, galleries, farm exhibits, and theaters all dedicated to sharing the love of horses and racing. There is also a 260-site campground where you can swim, play tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

University of Kentucky Art Museum

Even though this is free for everyone, it is still worth checking out. There are hundreds of paintings here at the Art Museum as well as other collections of drawings, photography, and sculptures. There are new exhibits every so often so be sure to check in regularly to see what’s new!

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is not only for people who love planes and all things aviation but the general public as well. Their main mission is to help spread education and enthusiasm about aviation as well as help promote it as a rewarding career. The museum offers artifacts and aircraft equipment, live simulations, an extensive library, and interactive displays.

Keeneland Race Track

This race track isn’t just for horse races, even though that’s the main attraction. It is open all year round and offers tours of the facility. You can learn the history of the track as well as see where the horses are kept and learn about racing. There are also Thoroughbred auctions throughout the year.

Hunt-Morgan House

John Wesley Hunt was one of the most prominent citizens in Lexington in the 1800’s. Now his house stands as a museum and captures the time when Lexington was considered the “Athens of the West” because of its culture and class. The house also has a Civil War museum and a garden from that period in time.

American Saddlebred Museum

If you’re from Kentucky, then you should know about its native breed of horse the American Saddlebred. This museum is the largest collection of artifacts on the Saddlebred and has a library of over 2,400 volumes that traces the bloodlines and genealogy of this breed of horses.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum stands as the state botanical gardens for Kentucky and houses 100 acres of year-round plants. It has been open since 1991 and houses a sizeable rose garden along with a fragrance garden that engages not just your sight but your sense of smell too. While it’s free to the public, you can schedule a docent-led tour or a guided walk through the horticulture displays.

International Museum of The Horse

The main mission of the International Museum of The Horse is to educate the public about the relationship between humans and horses. Through their displays and exhibits, you can see this relationship grow and evolve from its very beginning. You can learn about horses in sports, view the Arabian horse gallery, watch horse-drawn vehicles, and much more.

The Living Arts And Science Center

This center just recently opened a new 11,000 square foot addition to their campus and it helps engage and educate the public about the arts and sciences. You can explore space in their new fixed dome planetarium or wander through the art gallery. They also have a discovery exhibit that changes every month and allows you to learn hands on about different subjects.

Waveland State Historic Site

Want to see what it was like to live on a 19th-century plantation? Then you should visit the house of Joseph Bryan who was related to Daniel Boone. You can take a guided tour to see what it was like to be a plantation owner or a slave during this time period.

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