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Social Security for Lexington Seniors

Utilizing the local Social Security Office provides a number of benefits for seniors and other residents of Lexington. This office provides information about benefits, changing information and getting a replacement card. The staff is also on-site to provide answers to any questions that a person may have regarding their eligibility.

Social Security is something that many people rely on as they age. This program is designed to help the elderly when they retire, as well as their spouses when they pass away.

Knowing where the local office is can be beneficial in ensuring that the services that are needed are received.

Lexington Area Social Security Offices

There is one local office for Lexington area. It is located at 2260 Executive Drive, Suite 110. The staff can also be reached by calling 866-530-7754. This office is located off of Winchester Road, close to the I64/I75 interchange. The field office for the SSA is on the ground floor of the building. The local Lexington Social Security office can determine a person’s eligibility for benefits and provide payments of survivor benefits.

Another SSA office is located nearby known as the Bloomington Social Security Office. It is located at 207 N Williamsburg Dr. This office is only located about 12 miles from Lexington, which makes it convenient for residents who may live nearby.

Senior Options Offered by Social Security

There are a number of services offered for seniors by the Social Security Administration. Some of the ones that are commonly used and accessed are found here.

The OASDI program, which stands for Old-Age Survivors, and Disability Insurance, is essentially referred to as Social Security for those who have worked during their life and paid money into the program.

There are also a number of assistance programs for seniors who receive Social Security. Some of the programs that are available for help include:

Veteran’s benefits for those who have served in the armed forces. Nutrition and food assistance Housing assistance Energy assistance for low-income seniors

There is also a Ticket to Work program that is funded by SSA providing those, up to the age of 64 to find help re-entering the workforce.

Online Services Offered by the SSA

There are a number of online services available for residents in Lexington. These services are often more convenient, especially for seniors who may not be able to easily leave their home. Some of the online services that are available include:

Request a replacement Social Security card Apply for benefits Acquire a Social Security statement Appeal decisions regarding benefits Find out if you are qualified for benefits Receive an estimation of future benefits

These services are able to be accessed on the main Social Security Administration website and provide easy to follow instructions for each of the services offered. You can also create a My Social Security account online to gain convenient but secured access to personal information and records.

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