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Medicaid in Lexington

Senior healthcare is needed more than ever as the Baby Boomer generation is aging. Kentucky is already home to 289 Medicaid and Medicare certified nursing homes. If you are a Lexington resident that qualifies for low income assistance, you will need to know about the state’s Medicaid program and your long-term care.

You May Be Eligible for Medicaid

Kentucky Medicaid is overseen by the Cabinet for Health Services through the Department of Medicaid and is funded by federal and state funds. If you or a loved one is age 65 or older, blind, or disabled and receive SSI, you are automatically eligible. Income is taken under consideration during the review process as well as assets like checking and savings accounts, cash, and investments and bonds.

The county does not count your home or equity in your vehicle as long as the vehicle is used for commuting to employment or medical treatments. You can rest easy knowing that the Medicaid review process will not count your burial reserve up to $1500 for one person in the review process.

Your Local Office Can Help You Apply

You can visit your local Fayette County Kentucky Family Support office in Lexington for assistance in completing the application form and submitting documentation. 2050 Creative Dr., Suite 160 Lexington, KY 40505 (855)306-8959

If you have questions about how the program works, you can call the toll free number 1-800-635-2570 to reach a representative. You can apply in person, over the phone, or write the local office. If you are unable to visit the local office or use the telephone, you can authorize a representative to apply on your behalf. You will need to submit an Authorized Representative form to the local office.

If you do not receive SSI yet, Kentucky Medicaid will require proof of income, other health insurance coverage information, and your social security number. Once you are approved, you will receive a monthly Medical Assistance Card to present to providers at every visit. The providers and senior care facilities must accept Kentucky Medicaid.

The Services Kentucky Medicaid Will Cover for You

Kentucky Medicaid will cover doctor visits, outpatient services, hospital stays, emergency room care, prescription medications, laboratory services, chiropractic care, nursing home care, and hospice. Some services may require a prior authorization before treatment. Home and Community Based services, like in-home care and Alzheimer’s disease respite, may be available with a Waiver. The Home Care Program offered through the Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Living can provide home delivered meals, chore services, and home repair. As long as the services are considered medically necessary even basic dental, vision, and hearing care are covered.

When You Need a Ride

If you do not own a vehicle, Kentucky Medicaid can arrange Medicaid covered transportation. A Lexington-based transportation broker, like a taxi, van, or public transportation, will be responsible for helping you get to and from appointments. This transport does not include pharmacy visits for medication. Ambulance transport can be covered depending on whether the situation is emergency or non-emergency.

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