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Live Like a Local in Lexington

Are you visiting Lexington for the first time? You are in for an unforgettable experience. Most people refer to Lexington as the "Horse Capital of the World", a name that describes just how much people in this city love horses. In addition to having the world's largest basketball-specific arena, being the home of the famous Lexington cemetery, and the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, here are some local favorites that people do not always talk about but you have to try.

Places To Dine In Lexington

Lexington hosts the original Ramsey's Diner, set in an enormous white house, which makes every visitor feel at home. This diner attracts people from far to enjoy the incredibly tasting home-cooked food. Locals especially love the perfectly broiled turkey, bacon, and tomato, chicken and dumplings, pot roast, and vegetables.

Are you in the mood for true great tasting barbecue that cooks thoroughly over wood as opposed to gas? Then you need to make your way to Lexington Barbecue. The customer service here is fantastic, and the meat is always fresh every day. The chef here specializes in cooking pork shoulders with different flavors and cuts.

When you get to a point where all you want to take is a burger and soda, you can never go wrong when you decide to buy a burger at Bru Burger Bar. The burgers here are some of the best in Lexington, and the environment is ideal for having a good time with friends.

Places To Shop In Lexington

People love shopping at Chevy Chase Village, which is in one of the oldest and most cherished shopping districts in Lexington. This amazing shopping village is near the University of Kentucky, and shoppers here have numerous shopping options and a range of restaurants to choose from after shopping.

For people who want to buy valuable antiques, Georgetown Antique Mall is the place to begin. This mall has been in business for more than 40 years, and the antiques there for sale can fit any budget. People can buy art, books, pottery, jewelry, dolls of all kinds, and many other products.

The best place to buy custom jewelry or to take your jewelry for repair is Designs Unlimited Jewels, a jewelry store founded in 1987. The experience and trustworthiness the business has cultivated over the years result in a satisfied customer every time. The above jewelry store offers first-class service and a satisfactory assortment of jewelry.

Where To Get Lexington Hair

If you want to have hair like some of the best-looking locals, you must visit Posh Salon and Spa. The above spa has some of the best-educated hair industry professionals offering their clients unmatched Salon and Spa experiences. If you want your hair to experience High Fashion Shades, Ultra Shiny Conditioning Glosses, Hair Lightening Products and many other beauty treatments, you will not go wrong with Posh Salon and Spa.

Dellaria Salons and Spas offer their clients a range of services including styles, traditional cuts, color applicants, and salon cuts. You can enjoy the best of what Dellaria has to offer regarding Spa services.

The above is just a glimpse of what to expect in Lexington. Visit the above places and see how much fun and excitement will come out of it.

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