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Lexington Veterans Benefits

When someone makes the decision to go into the military, they are sacrificing their precious time for the wellbeing of the American people. For their dedication and sacrifice, the United States does what it can to ensure they receive benefits and services to make their life a bit easier when they return home.

In the city of Lexington, Kentucky, local veterans have a number of benefits available to them. This guide can serve as brief overview of some of the housing, health, and other benefits they may qualify for.

Veteran Health Benefits in Lexington

The VA uses a priority group rating to determine the level of healthcare benefits given to a veteran. Even so, all veterans are able to apply to receive healthcare benefits from the VA as long as they were not dishonorably discharged. This includes individuals who served in the National Guard or Reserve.

In Lexington, the main place for veterans healthcare services is the Lexington VA Medical Center, which is comprised of two separate divisions. The Cooper Division is located at 1101 Veterans Drive while the Leestown Division is located at 2250 Leestown Road. Each provides a different range of services aimed at healing and maintaining the health of veterans.

At the Leestown Division, veterans can receive services focused on things like mental health, substance abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, home-based primary care, and more. For more emergency services, including surgery, intensive care units, and emergency care, veterans in Lexington should visit the Cooper Division.

Veteran Housing Benefits in Lexington

Housing benefits in Lexington focus on both reducing the number of veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless as well as helping qualifying veterans secure a home of their own. For veterans looking for assistance in purchasing their own home, the VA may be able to provide them with the following resources:

Assistance restructuring home loans for more manageable payments

Partially guaranteed loans to help secure money for home purchase

Property tax exemptions for disabled veterans

Grants for modifying a home to accommodate new needs of a disability

Help securing land to build a home

The closest VA Regional Benefit Office to Lexington is located in Louisville, but the Louisville Regional Benefit Office covers the entire area.

Additional Benefits Offered to Veterans in Lexington

Lexington Veterans can also receive a number of other benefits from the VA. Those benefits include helping veterans find employment or providing education and training services to better prepare veterans to find a job that fits their skills and desires. Other benefits offered to Lexington veterans include life insurance, pension, vocational rehabilitation, and more.

For assistance identifying benefits that they may qualify for, veterans can contact both the Lexington VA Medical Center and the Louisville Regional Benefits Office. The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs can also help connect eligible veterans with the benefit providers or assistance they are looking for. While the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs is headquartered in Frankfort, Kentucky, Lexington veterans can reach the department at 502-564-9203.

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