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Lexington Senior Services

Seniors who live in Lexington, Kentucky, always have their sneakers and bicycles dusted off because there are so many beautiful outdoors spaces to enjoy. One of the most visited places is the 734-acre Raven Run Nature sanctuary, which is located right in the downtown area. The festivals in Lexington are nothing but grand. The Fourth of July celebrations last for almost a week. People come from all over the state to attend the annual Kentucky Crawfish Festival. When people are in the mood for spirits, there’s a plentiful supply of wine, beer, and bourbon to satisfy every palette. Here are some of the programs and organizations that offer special help for seniors.

Lexington New Senior Center is a brand new senior center with 33,000 square feet of space. The $13 million project includes an exercise room, care, outdoor walking track, indoor walking track, and outdoor athletic fields. The center was developed to meet the needs of the growing population of seniors in Lexington. The center offers education classes, fitness classes, computer classes, and more.

Aging with Grace Aging in Place is a health club for seniors in Lexington. The club employs a team of health professionals that help seniors to implement a healthy and active lifestyle plan to improve their minds, bodies, and spirits. The club monitors medical health as part of the program. It also offers massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, hairdressing, skin treatments, and other pampering services.

Senior Companion Program is a program where volunteers and neighbors donate their time to assist other seniors with grocery shopping, organizing bills, preparing meals, and coordinating trips for medical appointments.

Pride Community Resources Organization has a program called Seasoned Independent People (SIP) for LGBT seniors who often feel isolated and alone. SIP is a social group for people age 50 and older that includes LGBT seniors and their friends and allies. The group meets to have food, camaraderie, trips, outings, and events.

Let Us Do That is a service that helps seniors by doing the things for them that they can no longer do themselves. The services send out workers to do grocery shopping, delivery, running errands, transportation, help with pets, help with plants, vacation home care, computer assistance, help with smart phones, and light gardening. They also help with medication management and organizing and paying bills.

Assisting Hands Home Care is an agency that employs professionally trained workers to fill the gaps of the tasks that seniors cannot do themselves. The program helps seniors maintain a spirit of dignity and independence by supporting the senior’s individual choices and preferences. The service provides assistance with personal care such as bathing, feeding, fall protection and prevention, toileting, ambulation, and other personal needs. Homemaking services include cleaning, shopping, cooking, and laundry. Workers make friendly visits to seniors in their homes or at hospitals. Case management includes RN visits, enhanced medication management, and consultations on medical care.

Lexington does not have as many senior services as in larger cities. Savvy consumers will combine federal, state, local, non-profit, and private services to meet their needs.

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