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Lexington Senior Movers and Downsizers

As aging forces seniors to take life at a slower pace, the clutter can begin to get out of control. Soon, living in the current space becomes difficult and unenjoyable. Even when seniors are motivated to sort through things and start the process of making things more manageable, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. Seniors tend to tire faster than younger folks and progress can slow to a snail’s pace. Senior movers can provide aging seniors with a sigh of relief by taking over the primary role of sorting and organizing.

Senior Movers are the Crisis Experts

Seniors often need to move quickly after the onset of a debilitating health crisis. At these times, adult children often wonder why they didn’t see the signs earlier. They often wish that they’d begun the process of downsizing before the crisis became inevitable. When moving needs to happen quickly, it helps to call in the professionals. Senior movers are equipped with the knowledge, supplies, and manpower to help seniors and their families deal with unanticipated moves. These services help in ways that give them peace of mind and sense of much needed relief.

Successful Senior Moving is in the Details

Downsizing and moving is more than sorting, organizing, and packing. Seniors and family members that try to tackle it on their own, quickly learn how many details are needed to get the job done. Senior movers take away the worry of all of those details with a comprehensive start-to-finish plan. The consultation is an important first step in getting things sorted, packed up, and re-organized in a new or existing space. Senior movers will know the importance of keeping important papers and other necessary items accessible to the senior during a move. They will also take care of odds and ends matters like setting up computers and electronics, redirecting the mail, and setting up or shutting off utility services.

Who Moves Lexington Seniors Professionally?

Little Guys Movers have been moving and relocating people for over 20 years. These movers encourage seniors to include family members in the moving process to make the transition easier. This business offers a full range of packing supplies and services at reasonable rates. Personalized services help seniors remove the clutter from attics, basements, garages, sheds, and other catchall spaces.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has a team of experienced movers that treat every client like family. Movers get extensive training in the proper methods for safe, secure packing and moving household goods. Movers provide a pre-move consultation that sets the course for a stress-free move where all of the important details are addressed right up front.

Declutter with Sarah is a professional organizing service that helps declutter and get even the most disorganized people set up for success. This company helps organize items for estate sales, overcome hoarding issues, provide help at the holidays, and keep things organized. Seniors can get help with getting things cleaned up and organized and keeping them that way.

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