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Lexington Senior Centers

Lexington is otherwise known as the "Horse Capital of the World," because the city and its residents love horses and they take horse rearing and sports seriously. Seniors in Lexington love their city for more reasons than the beautiful horses, some of them being that the city provides them with opportunities to play games, to keep fit, to learn even in their old age, and to travel and many other social options.

Seniors Playing Games In Lexington

It is common to find seniors playing board games and other types of games together at all hours of the day because playing games is fun, and it keeps their brains and bodies sharp. Even though seniors enjoy playing the less energy demanding games such as Bingo and card games in places such as the Village of Lexington, some will challenge themselves and play energy demanding sports by signing up for the North Carolina Senior Games.

Seniors Who Want To Keep Learning

Lifelong Learning programs are a great way for the elderly to keep learning new things at the university without having to pay tuition fees. Seniors who want to learn how to use computers or brush up their computer knowledge can sign up at the Lexington Public Library. Seniors find the arts particularly interesting, and they have the opportunity to grow their knowledge base by signing up for art classes at the Lexington Senior programs at the Bell House.

Seniors Who Want To Keep Fit

Fitness is a priority for seniors who want to remain active, independent, and healthy for a long time. Seniors do not go through intense fitness training that younger adults go through to avoid injury. Professionals who understand senior fitness programs know how to tailor the seniors' fitness program to make it effective, fun, and easy to do. Seniors can sign up for fitness classes at Lexington Parks and Recreation or have professional fitness instructors such as Amber Serres to visit them at the recreational centers.

Seniors Who Want To Take The Stage

Seniors with the talent and passion for singing can sign up for one of the many choirs in Lexington, even if it means joining a church choir such as The Lexington Baptist Church Senior Choir. Seniors who know how to dance or those that just want to keep fit by attending dance classes can sign up for inclusion into the famous Lexington Athletic Club Energizers dance group which performs in front of audiences across America.

Seniors Who Want To Make New Friends

Seniors love meeting at the gym, in class, at the bingo halls, and everywhere else they find an opportunity to meet. Senior Meetups in Lexington bring like-minded seniors together to achieve objectives as a team. Seniors looking for love can sign up for senior dating sites such as where they get to meet other seniors who are single and looking for love.

Seniors who want to travel the world

Group trips to any part of the world are far more affordable to an individual compared to individual travels. Seniors in Lexington form travel clubs, which organize trips for them in and outside America. Professional tour operators work with these travel clubs to help them get the best tour packages to the locations they want to visit.

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