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Lexington Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Many people believe that adult day care is just for the caregiver. It may surprise you to learn that seniors who need supervised care also benefit from adult day care services. It gives them the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from connecting with other people.

Socializing with others gives them something to look forward to during the course of their day. Seniors who spend their days with others find that their health improves. They tend to sleep and eat better and enjoy better self-esteem and confidence than seniors who are isolated and confined to their homes.

It’s also true that adult day care and respite services for seniors benefit the caregivers. As family members try to adjust to the new role as caregiver, the change is as much an emotional event as it is a life change. Family dynamics change as the roles of children changes to becoming caregivers for their parents. Schedules have to change and caregivers begin to accept that their loved one’s condition will not get better. The physical, mental, and emotional demands of caregiving cause the caregiver to become vulnerable to their own health issues.

Adding adult day care to the existing caregiving schedule allows caregivers to bring their elders to a place where they will be safe and appropriately cared for.

Case Management for Adult Day Care and Respite in Lexington

To provide for the safety of aging adults, adult day care and respite care centers are licensed by the state of Kentucky. The Kentucky Office of Inspector General licenses programs for seniors aged 60 and older. They also serve people who have dementia type symptoms, need care in order to prevent injury, need proper nutrition, and need help with medication management.

Programs that provide care and supervision for less than 24 hours are licensed as Adult Day Care Centers. Services include assistance with self-administration of medications, personal care services, self-care training, social activities and recreation.

Case managers conduct an intake and need assessment before developing a care plan. Using the care plan as a guide, case managers coordinate services, plan in-home services, document services, and refer clients to formal and informal programs to fill the gaps in unmet needs. Most importantly, case managers monitor the implementation of the care plan to make sure that elders are safe and properly cared for.

Alzheimer’s Respite

Caregivers who care for elders with symptoms of dementia soon learn that Alzheimer’s disease has an early stage, a middle stage, and a late stage. Symptoms at any stage can be trying for the caregiver. Dementia symptoms that caregivers might expect include:

Aggression and anger

Anxiety and agitation



Memory loss and confusion


Sleep issues and sundowning

Suspicion and delusions



Alzheimer’s respite programs provide specialized supervision and care for persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease so that caregivers may have temporary relief from their caregiving duties. Family members may learn more about Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia at the Division of Aging Services or the Lexington Alzheimer’s Association office. The Lexington office is located at 465 E. High St., Suite 100, in Lexington. The main office phone number is (859) 266-5283 and they have a 24-hour Helpline (800) 272-3900.

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