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Lexington Concierge Services

As seniors age, they gradually lose many of the skills and abilities that they had during their younger years. The realization of aging can be quite concerning to seniors and their families. It can be very encouraging for the seniors and their families to gradually enlist some help. When they do, they often find that getting a little assistance gives the senior an added sense of confidence that allows them to perform other tasks with more energy and less stress. That translates to relief for the senior and the family members. Here are some concierge services in Lexington that can be of a great help.

Concierge Girl handles many tasks that help seniors and their families. Concierge workers run personal errands including grocery shopping, courier service, transportation, home organization and decluttering, holiday shopping, event and party planning, personal shopping, relocation services, vacation services, downsizing services, and just about everything else on the list of things to do.

A Second Set of Hands provides packages of services in increments of five hour blocks. Workers help seniors make the most of their time by providing services for party and event planning, floral arrangements, gift baskets, arrangements for out-of-town guests, household maintenance, entertainment, travel, making appointments, pet sitting, pet services, house sitting and monitoring, grocery shopping, holiday shopping, and personal errands.

Blue Grass Go2Girl does all the tasks that seniors can’t do, or don’t have time for, including appointment setting, addressing invitations and note cards, shopping for groceries, gift shopping, sending flowers, pet sitting, horse sitting, running errands, house sitting, and picking up movies, prescriptions, and dry cleaning.

Let Us Do That provides personal assistants that do the grocery shopping run errands, provide transportation to appointments, manage prescriptions, bill payment, pet care, taking care of the home while on vacation or other absence, and much more.

LexGroceryShop lets you shop for meats, produce, dairy, and other grocery items from your personal computer or mobile app. Once the order is placed online, the user schedules the delivery and receives the items at their door. Groceries can be delivered any day except Sunday.

The Milk Man is a delivery service just like when they used to deliver fresh milk door-to-door. The delivery charge is $7 and additional fees apply if The Milk Man does the actual shopping. This service will also pick up prescriptions upon request. The service makes runs to Costco, Kroger, Whole Foods, Meijer, and Walmart.

Green Bean Delivery is an online grocery service that provides organic, local produce and other natural groceries. This family-owned business lets its members shop online by choosing a customizable bin that is sized for their family. Seniors can reorder the same bin contents repeatedly or change it up. The service offers discounts for referring friends and the delivery is always free.

Many of the concierge services in Lexington will provide everything that seniors need. It pays to check out services that just provide one type of service such as handyman services, cleaning services, and pet care or pet sitting services.

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