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Lexington Aging In Place

The right to choose where you age and the type of care you receive is entirely up to you. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to go into a nursing home and in fact, many seniors are choosing to stay right in their own homes. Services that help these seniors have grown over the years and whether you live in downtown Lexington or one of the small neighborhoods surrounding, you can find access to many of these services. Homemakers and home health aides are some of the most common you’ll find and these people can help with cleaning, cooking, errands, monitoring your health, and personal grooming tasks.

Who Pays For In-Home Care?

You can find financial assistance when it comes to in-home care and there are also reimbursement options if it has been recommended by your doctor for your health and safety. Veterans can use their VA assistance to help cover the costs and low-income seniors can use their Medicaid benefits. Long-term care insurance might be another option but you will have to check your policy to be sure. You can also find help through the Kentucky State Homecare Program that is administered by your Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging.

What Is The Cost Of In-Home Care?

You can find a wide range of in-home care costs across the country and it will be based upon your location, how often you use in-home care, and the kind of care you choose. For example, national monthly averages for in-home care are right around $3,800.

The averages for in-home care in Lexington are actually a little less than the national averages. Homemaker services come in at $3,527 per month and home health aides come in at $3,718 per month. You can expect to pay around $116 to $122 per day which is much better than the $220 per day you could pay for a semi-private room in a nursing home.

How Can I Look For A Provider?

You don’t want to choose a random provider because these people will be in your home and help take care of your health. You can ask a friend or family member who has used these services before if they have any suggestions or talk to your doctor and see if they have a referral. The Better Business Bureau of Lexington can also offer some helpful insight by giving you business reports for each company and user reviews too.

Next, you will want to come up with a set of questions to ask each provider. Do they have insurance and the proper licensing? Are they bonded? How do they hire their employees and do they use background checks or another form of screening? If you like a certain provider, ask about their payment options and see if they have specific scheduling procedures before you sign a contract and start services.

Can I Use Other Types Of Care?

Homemakers and home health aides are certainly not the only type of care you can use in your home. The internet has grown in the number of services available to help seniors as they age and you can find just about anything you might need online.

If you have pets look to for dog walkers or pet sitters. If you want to find a house cleaner that is near you, check Handy or TaskRabbit if you have other chores or errands you need assistance with. You can even find people to help you repair, modify or remodel your house online at and Amazon Home Services. Be prepared to ask questions before you let any of these services start.

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