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How Much Does Lexington In-Home Care Cost?

Retirees who are looking to find a balance of country charm and city activities will find a lot to love in Lexington. The historic downtown area is full of boutiques, restaurants and galleries and after just a few minutes in the car, you will arrive in Bluegrass Country.

Currently, the population of Lexington, KY is 308,400. About 13% of the total population is over the age of 62. According to a number of reports, Lexington is a great place to retire and offers a number of appealing characteristics and features to love. One example of this would be homeowners who are over the age of 65 receiving a tax break. This makes it even smarter to seek in-home care in this city.

Facts about the senior community in Lexington

The state government in Lexington offers a number of senior services for residents. This includes respite care services and help for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Kentucky is considered a safe place to live, according to the National Institute of Corrections, with a crime rate that is 21 percent lower than the national average.

How much will hiring a homemaker cost in Lexington?

If you opt to hire a homemaker in Lexington for you, or a senior loved one, you should expect to pay between $17 and $21 per hour for care. This equates to around $42,625 annually. This is slightly lower than the national average of $44,616 annually.

If you hire a homemaker, they will provide a number of services, which include:

Assistance with hygiene, grooming and using the toilet.

Run errands, go shopping, cook and serve meals.

Handle laundry and other light housekeeping tasks.

A homemaker also provides the senior with a companion so they can have someone to talk to during the day.

How much will hiring a home aide cost in Lexington?

If a senior needs more care than what is highlighted above, then they may need the services of a home health aide. This individual typically has more training and additional skills, compared to a homemaker. For example, a home health aide will be able to dress wounds, treat incisions, provide medication and other prescribed treatments for the senior.

While there are some parts of the country where a home health aide will cost significantly more than a homemaker, this is not the case in Lexington. On average, you can expect to pay between $17 and $21 per hour or $43,769 per year.

How much care does the senior need?

Prior to selecting an in-home care provider, it is important to consider how much care the senior needs. If they just need help with day-to-day activities, then a homemaker will be the right option. However, if they need medical related services, then a home health aide will be the best option.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to hire a senior care advisor to help with this decision. They can evaluate the senior and their needs and help ensure the right level of care is selected.

Tips to find the right in-home care provider

When the level of care is determined, it is time to begin evaluating the in-home care providers in the local area. Some things to consider to help with this decision include the following:

How the staff is screened and the level of experience/training they have.

What types of services are provided?

If the service will work with your schedule.

When you take some time to get to know the services in the local area, you will be able to find the right one for your senior loved one.

Paying: Assistance options available in Lexington

For some seniors and their families, a huge stress associated with in-home care is the cost that goes along with it. The good news is that in Lexington there are a number of programs offering assistance to help cover the cost of long-term care, as well as other costs that may ease the burden of this expense.

Financial Resources- For seniors who are looking for help in the form of actual money to pay for in-home care, they should look into Medicaid, pensions for veterans and non-Medicaid programs offered by the state. In most cases, these programs have strict eligibility requirements for those who receive the assistance.

Self-Payment Assistance for in-home care costs- There are also a number of other options that need to be considered. These options allow a senior or their family to find a way to pay for the care they need.

Some examples include a reverse mortgage, benefits from life insurance, loans for in-home care, or long-term care insurance. Each of these options will help cover the costs associated with in-home care and ensure no type of financial burden occurs due to paying for the cost of this type of care.

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