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Caregiving in Lexington, KY

Providing full-time care to a loved one is a challenging job. Luckily, there are a number of resources in the Lexington area that can offer some help. Whether you’re in search of in-home assistance or options to help you out with short breaks from care responsibilities, there are public, private, and community resources to help.

Caregiver assistance and respite

It’s important that caregivers take steps to manage the physical, mental, and emotional stresses of providing care for a loved one. By taking short, regular breaks you’ll stay happier and healthier, and be equipped to give the best care possible. There are many options to help in the Lexington area. Here are some of the most popular services and programs ranging from the lowest to highest cost options.

Concierge services can take some of the day to day errands off of your plate. There are a variety of service types available, including meal delivery, grocery shopping services, the delivery of household supplies, and more. Contact providers like Amazon Prime to explore services available in the Lexington area.

Adult day programs are licensed through the state and are designed to be a safe place for seniors to go while caregivers are at work or taking some time for themselves during the day. Programs will usually include a meal and social activities, and some can accommodate dementia patients as well. There are specific providers for seniors receiving assistance from VA or Medicaid, so be sure to find one that matches those criteria if your loved one qualifies. Median daily cost in the Lexington area: $70.

In-home respite care gives caregivers an option during the day to leave the home for work or respite. Homemakers or home health aides can help homebound seniors with activities of daily life. Median daily cost: $117.

Residential respite care can be a short-term or long-term care solution for your loved one in the event that you aren’t able to continue to be the primary caregiver. Dozens of assisted living facilities and nursing homes offer short-term options for seniors at varying levels of care to meet the needs of your loved one. Median daily cost: $129 for assisted living, $217 for nursing home care.

To begin your search for the right respite care provider for your loved one, log onto the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living website where you’ll find a link to all of the senior service providers in Fayette county. For listings of assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the area, visit The site includes reviews of the properties from residents and caregivers, as well as information about costs, amenities, and ratings.

A little caregiver TLC

Being a caregiver creates an environment of unique challenges that sometimes only other caregivers can fully relate to. Having a group of peers that you can use as a sounding board and who can offer advice and comfort can be an important resource to staying mentally healthy on your journey. Try out a few different groups in your area to find the one that fits best with your personality. Here are a few options to get you started:

The Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Kentucky offers support group programs for caregivers and seniors with the disease. They also provide a 24-hour helpline and have a variety of online support for caregivers.

Psychology Today provides this online listing of therapy groups in the Lexington area for a variety of health issues and illnesses. If your loved one has a special or specific circumstance, you may find like-minded caregivers in one of these groups.

If caregiving is no longer an option

Caregivers take their jobs very seriously, but sometimes life presents circumstances that make it impossible to be the primary caregiver for your loved one. Whether this is a short-term change or a long-term solution, it can be a difficult and emotional process to decide what your next best option is. There are resources in your community to help you and your loved one manage the transition to another type of care.

The Family Caregiver Alliance is a national organization dedicated to providing caregivers with the tools they need to provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

Locally, Independent Assistance of the Bluegrass is a business that provides resources to caregivers to provide the best possible quality of life for their loved ones, including connecting you with in-home personal care options.

Caregivers should be mindful of their own health as well. If you are starting to feel burned out, you may put yourself at an increased risk for health issues and depression, which could lead to compromised care for your loved one. Be sure to ask for help when you need it, and reach out to organizations and groups in your community for support and services to help both you and your loved one live a healthy life.

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