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Social Security for Las Vegas Seniors

Seniors are in dire need of social security. The benefit earns retired individuals a monthly income that substitutes for the income previously earned from a job. Those that can no longer work due to age or disability should immediately apply for benefits to ensure they do not experience a significant loss of wages. Most people need assistance applying, which is why there are multiple methods for reaching out to an agent who can help. Two separate offices are available in Las Vegas, along with a toll-free number and online options.

Social Security Administration Buildings in Las Vegas

Being it is such a large city, you would think Las Vegas would have multiple social security offices. The city only includes two main buildings where residents may go to receive services. The first is located at 1250 S Buffalo Dr #150 toward the southern part of the city. The second is located at 4340 Simmons St toward the northern part of town. With two offices, there are still plenty of opportunities for residents to meet in-person with an agent and discuss their needs.

A toll-free number, (800) 772-1213, allows anyone in the area to contact the agency and discuss options over the phone instead of in-person. The representative explains which documents people need to particular services and answers any questions a person could have regarding the matter. You may use the number between Monday and Friday from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening. It goes by Central time.

Be aware that this phone number could have an extended wait period since it is the same toll-free number for all social security buildings throughout the country. Most instances still require a face-to-face conservation at the office unless you apply online after having all questions answered via telephone.

Senior Services Within the Social Security Office

You may head into the closest office to your residence and discuss social security services. An agent assists you with requesting a new social security or Medicare card, applying for benefits, or answering questions regarding any other matter. No matter which service you require, you must take a ticket and wait your turn. It is also imperative that you bring in your social security card at the very least, so you prove your identity and receive assistance faster.

Most services require a form of ID such as a state ID or driver’s license, along with a birth certificate. When applying for benefits, you also need your pay stubs, mortgage or rent papers, and doctor notes and forms verifying any disability. With these documents already ready to go, the application process can begin immediately.

Social Security Tools Available Online

Multiple social security tools are available online. They include:

The “my Social Security” account registration.

The application to apply for benefits.

The press release regarding benefit increase limits.

The retirement estimator.

Multiple calculators, including retirement age, life expectancy, WEP, GPO, earnings test, early or late retirement, and benefits for spouses.

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